What Was Eui Min Ko Cause Of Death? Taekwondo Supreme Grand Master Passed Away

It is saddened to announce that the legendary and well-known phenomenal Taekwondo coach and the Taekwondo Preeminent Terrific expert, Eui Min Ko sadly passed away at the age of 81. He was one of the best-known Taekwondo Preeminent Terrific experts who was known for his amazing skills. During his entire career, he won several medals and achievements and never failed to show his skills to his students. According to the sources, the former Taekwondo player took his last breath on January 21, 2023. Keep reading to know more details about his sudden death and what was the reason behind his unfortunate passing.

What Was Eui Min Ko Cause Of Death?

According to the reports, the news of his unfortunate death was confirmed by Gerard Robbins who shared the devastating news via online entertainment that reads,” THE LOSS OF LEGEND” The official Taekwondo Hall of Fame is extremely sad to announce the passing of our beloved member GM Eui Min Ko. He was one of the greatest coaches and trainers of the Korea National Team during the early years of the international competition”. Since the news of his death was confirmed, many loved ones and closed ones are paying tributes to him and giving their deep condolences to his family who is going through a difficult time.

What Was Eui Min Ko Cause Of Death?

According to the sources, the cause of Eui Min Ko’s death has been confirmed and many fans are trying to know the reason behind his sudden passing. Well, the cause for his sudden demise is Cardiovascular disease. As per the reports, he also suffered from Pneumonia. Later, the Taekwondo coach died after his heart failure. At the age of 81, he left the world leaving his family and friend devastated. We give our condolence and support to the family who is going through the burden of his passing.

Born as Eui Min Ko in Asan which was 80 KM from the Korean Capital in 1942. At that time, Korea was under Japanese occupation. When Japan surrendered in 1945, the Provincial rule reached its end. Later, he became a successful and youthful Korean Republic mentor. During his career, he has delivered 15 title holders, 28 Asian bosses, and more than 100 Korean bosses in his vigorous training vocation.

His loved ones and family members are paying tributes to him and giving deep condolences. Still, the family has not announced the funeral and obituary arrangements but will be soon delivered. Stay tuned with us to know more details here.

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