What Was Francis Lee Cause Of Death? Man City legend Francis Lee Passed Away at 79, Obituary

We are going to share the death news of Francis Lee with our great grief and his death news is continuously running on the top of the news channels and internet sites. He was an English professional football player who played as a striker and he played for multiple teams. He played for various clubs and gathered a lot of love and attention. His gameplay performance won the hearts of people and so many people are coming to his fan list. Lots of queries are arising related to his death, so we made an article and tried to share every single piece of information about his passing.

What Was Francis Lee Cause Of Death?

As per the sources and reports, his death news was announced and confirmed by his family members who are in a feeling of deep sorrow for his loss. He was suffering from cancer for a long time period and lost his life to his disease. He died on Monday 2 October 2023 and he was 79 years old at the time of his passing. It is shared that he died after a long battle with cancer and he left a remarkable legacy behind his loved ones. Scroll down this page and continue your reading to learn more about Francis.

What Was Francis Lee Cause Of Death?

Francis  Henry Lee was his birthname but he was mostly known as Franny Lee. He was born on 29 April 1944 in Westhoughton, Lancashire, England and his life extended to 2 October 2023. He played as a striker and was well-known as an English professional footballer. He played for multiple teams including Bolton Wanderers, Manchester City, Derby County, and the England national team. He was noted for his playing speed and determination. He was also the founder of F.H. Lee Ltd. There is only limited information available on the internet related to his upbringing as he rarely discussed it.

He began his football playing career by playing for Manchester City against Wolverhampton Wanderers. We have shared all the available information about his death above in this article. He passed away after a battle with cancer on 2 October 2023 at the age of 79 years. His unexpected death made everyone sad and they expressed thier sorrows. Social media is full of tributes and many are expressing thier sadness. His family is suffering from a great loss and they will share the details of the Funeral arrangements soon. Stay tuned with to read more articles on the latest news topics of the daily world.

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