What Was Jose Sison Cause Of Death? What Happened To Him, Biography Networth & Reason Explained!

What Was Jose Sison Cause Of Death? What Happened To Him, Biography Networth & Reason Explained! There is news trending on the internet about the death of the founder of the Communist Party of the Phillippines. There are a number of posts on various social media platforms including the news of the death of Jose Sison. No sooner did the news of his passing away come to the internet than his followers started worrying about him.

Jose Sison

However; the news has not been confirmed by an authentic source as a result the news seems to be an act of forging the news of his demise so that discontent could be created among his followers in the country. People are confused about whether the news of his passing away is truth or a lie. This article is intended to share the truth related to this piece of news. To get a complete idea about the reality behind this news, do go through this article till the last paragraph.

Jose Sison Cause Of Death

People are wondering to know about Jose Sison whether he is dead or he is alive. It is to be informed that he is not dead. He is completely fine at his residence. Some netizens shared this fake news and help the rumour to be spread all over the world on the internet.

Who is Jose Sison?

He is a well-known politician in the Phillippines. He is credited for the foundation of the Communist Party of the Phillippines. As a result, he is the chairman of his political party. His full name is Jose Maria Canlas Sison. He has been a writer as well as an activist in his country.


Jose Maria Canlas Sison was born in abugao, Ilocos Sur, Philippine Commonwealth on 8th February 1939. He is one of the oldest politicians in the Phillippines. He is 82-year-old. Although he looks a bit younger than his real age on the account of his physical appearance in public.


If we talk about the relationship status of the Phillippine politician “Jose Maria Canlas Sison”, he is married. He got married to Julie De Lima. According to the sources, the politician and Julie De Lima entered the matrimonial state in the year 1960. There is no information on his website about their children.

Net Worth

People are wondering to know the annual income of Jose Sison as he is a renowned politician in the Phillippines. It is assumed that his net worth must be around 1 million dollars.

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