#WhatIReallyReallyWant… Jacqueline Spice Girls’ Video Song for female Equality

Twenty years before, roads, radio speakers, and organizations were flashed with Spice Girls’ ‘Wannabe’, observing girl power and their sovereignty all around the globe. Now the chartbuster has been renewed to strengthen and empower a whole new contemporary yet again.


The video shows what girls really, really want and if you think they just wanna zig a zig ah, then you’ve got it all wrong. ‘Wannabe’ renew video by Global Goals campaign that stresses on gender inequality matters encountered by females across the globe.

Featuring Jacqueline Fernandez and London R&B trio M.O. alongside artists from many parts of the world, The video requests to end violence against females and child marriage, even pay for equal work and quality literacy for the teenager girls.

Giving us some earnest ‘90s sentimentality, the video presents a strong note which shouldn’t go muffled. After all, this is what girls and women of 2016 really, really want and definitely deserve it.

The Spice girls member Victoria Beckham also cheered the good faith on twitter.

Check out this video featuring Jacqueline and various artists:-

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