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What’S New In Oneplus 5T? How It Beats The Previous Versions?

Finally, OnePlus has joined the hottest trend in 2017 of Bezel-less displays by introducing the new OnePlus 5T, and it has a headphone jack yet. Sporting a 6-inch OLED display, OnePlus 5T is only slightly taller than the old OnePlus 5 but the chassis of both the phones remain almost the same size. The dual-camera has been revamped by making the secondary camera a low light shooter, dedicatedly. The design and polish of 5T makes it look like the refined version of the OnePlus 5. If you were in love with OnePlus 5 but only wanted to see it without those bezels then 5T is what you were dreaming about.


A New View – Display

The biggest change in the new OnePlus 5T is its aesthetic bezel-deprived display. New display has an aspect ratio of 18:9, that being the reason for the taller display, and sports an odd resolution of 1080 x 2160 pixels. When you hold the phone in hand it definitely seems beautiful in a size that is almost the same as a phone with 5.5 inches display. 401 pixels per inch ensures clean and sharp images, at first you won’t be able to know if it’s an OLED display – all owing to OnePlus’ hard work on color rendering. There’s whole set of color options, including sRGB making it suitable for every individual.

As a consequence of taller display OnePlus has to shift the fingerprint scanner from the front to the back of the phone –which is also a major design change. The sensor is yet fast enough and works like a charm, it’s just that you have to use your index finger rather than thumb. Another new feature is face-unlock, it is nowhere as complicated as FaceID and uses 2D images but yet is fast and accurate. If you value convenience then you can use it without any hesitation.

The display used is from Samsung and that is an impressing thing as LG’s OLED screens are suffering from tribulations on Pixel 2 XL. The color reproduction, viewing angles, and sharpness of the screen make its quality at par with those of the top-notch phones like Galaxy S8 and iPhone X.

Design and Build

As talked before the biggest difference between OnePlus 5 and 5T remain the display and the position of fingerprint sensors. Let’s talk about the dimensions of the phone OnePlus 5T comes with 156.1x75x7.3mm on the other hand OnePlus 5 came with 154.2×74.1×7.25mm that indicates the phone is slightly taller. When it comes to weight OnePlus 5T is slightly heavier than OnePlus 5 with weights being 162 grams and 153 grams respectively. For now, OnePlus 5T comes up in Midnight black only but soon it is expected to come in different colors. The other things like position of ports and headphone jack, volume rocker and power button remains the same as in OnePlus 5 which harbingers that the phone was deliberately designed to look similar to OnePlus 5.

New Camera System

During the event OnePlus emphasized heavily on the novel camera system that it has tweaked into 5T. The traditional combo is of using one wide lens and one telephoto lens. OnePlus 5T uses a “Low-light camera” instead of the telephoto lens. The sensors in the phone yet remain the same as in OnePlus 5, and the new lens has an aperture of f/1.7 allowing plenty of light to get captured on clicking photos. OnePlus says that the camera will automatically shift to secondary camera in scenes with low-lighting. The new lens has 1µm pixels while the main camera has 1.12 µm pixels.

Technical Specifications

Not many changes have been made in the hardware of OnePlus 5T. The 5T is powered by a Snapdragon 835 processor with Adreno 540 graphics, the same set that powered OnePlus 5. So, does the options of RAM and Storage- there are two options 6GB RAM and 64GB Internal storage, the second variant is 8GB RAM with 128GB Internal storage. No expandable memory, but one gets two nano-SIM slots. The phone comes up with Bluetooth 5 support augmented with AptX HD which basically serves as future-proofing the phone with respect to future wireless audio devices. One of the best things is that it yet has a headphone jack.

Price for the variants

The OnePlus 5T is expected to come on sale in Europe, India and the United States starting on November 21st. The price will be INR 32,999 for 64GB Model. The 128GB model will be priced at INR 37,999. The price is in the range as of OnePlus 5 which might infuriate the users of OnePlus 5. You can get all good coupons and offers on DesiDime for OnePlus 5T phones. You can also go directly on Amazon Coupons on DesiDime page and see if there is any deal related to OnePlus 5T.

Final Words

The OnePlus 5T has emerged as a savior for OnePlus to compete in the bezel-less trend of the year 2017 and get some lead in the dual camera race. The phone brings the power of OnePlus 5 and the aesthetics of a modern phone.