Whatsaap Sticker feature: How to download and use it in chats

Whatsaap Sticker feature: How to download and use it in chats: WhatsApp has finally revealed its stickers update last week and now it is available for both Android and iOS users which will definitely make your chats more fun and exciting. The new update comes with Pre-loaded stickers but you can also download third party stickers from Google Play Store.

Here is everything you need to know about WhatsApp stickers feature

  • The sticker update is available on the latest version of WhatsApp for both Android and iOS users. If you have not received any WhatApp updation notification then you can easily update your WhatsApp from App Store or Play Store.
  • In order to use WhatsApp Stickers, update your app first. After updating, open WhatsApp, click on the emoji button and then click on the emoji icon which is at the below, next to the GIF icon.
  • You will find out these stickers with the pack of 13 popular stickers which include komo, Cuppy, Salty, Koko, Bibimbap Friends, Hatch, Shiba Inu, Hat Fearless and Fabulous, Unchi & Rollie, Banana, The Maladroits and Biscuit.
  • If you want to, you can also add more stickers to your list by just tapping on the plus icon. After which you will be taken to the Play Store page where you will find all the list of sticker packs which is supported by WhatsApp where some might be free and some are paid ones. These stickers are mentioned as WaStickerApps.
  • The option for deleting any sticker pack is also available under the sticker packs, in case you don’t like some so you can delete them easily.
  • The new feature Sticker section of WhatsApp contains three main icons. First is clock icon which includes your recently used stickers, second one is star icon includes all those stickers which are marked as favorite by the users and last but not the least, heart icon which is divided into four categories.
  • WhatsApp is also supporting third-party stickers but this might lead to some problems in running the app. In order to receive this feature you must have 2.18 version of WhatsApp or more than that.

There are various third party stickers and here are some of them which will definitely be loved by everyone

  • Diwali stickers

What can be better than Diwali stickers for wishing your friends and relatives on Diwali occasion. As Diwali festival is going on, this might be loved by everyone across India. The sticker pack comes with Deepawali wishes to cracker stickers in just about 5 MB in size. There is everything you need to wish your loved ones on such a beautiful occasion of Diwali.

  • Cinema Stickers

If you are one of those who is total filmy freak or love movies and always make references in your WhatsApp conversation then this might be one for yours. This is available in 7.77MB. This sticker pack, not only features popular movie characters but also your favorite TV serials characters.

  • Donald Trump stickers

You will not only see the film or TV characters but also there is a part of sticker pack where you will see US President Donald Trump sticker avatar and this is going to be available in less than 1 MB in size. You will also see Donald Trump “Make America Great Again”.

  • Game of Thrones stickers

Worldwide most popular series is also available in the sticker pack of WhatsApp which is developed by Aswin Chandran. This sticker pack features major characters of Game of Thrones such as Cerci, Tyrion Lannister, Mountain and Hodor.

WhatsApp is one of the leading chat apps across the globe and has a huge number of followers and subscribers that is why it’s not a big deal for WhatsApp that its rival companies such as Snapchat or Hike already have been supporting this feature for a while, because of the popularity which WhatsApp has gained over the years, globally.