WhatsApp Latest Features: Dark Mode, Privacy Fingerprint Authentication & Forwarding Info

WhatsApp latest features: Dark Mode, Privacy Fingerprint Authentication & Forwarding Info: From the past this week, WhatsApp has recently started testing a few of the features on Android. With a number of minor updates in the workings, WhatsApp has certain thrilling features such as dark mode and fingerprint verification.

WhatsApp Latest Features

Marked in the latest beta updates for WhatsApp on Android by WABetaInfo, dark mode is lastly visible on the app. Till now, in the Settings menu and profile section of WhatsApp the dark mode has been tested. While on the other hand, the Dark mode has also being tested on WhatsApp for iPhones. The Android users will also get fingerprint verification soon, a feature of WhatsApp that rolled out for iPhones in the month of February.


  • Message forwarding info was spotted in a previous WhatsApp beta build
  • The recipient cannot check the forwarding number just yet
  • More details about the upcoming WhatsApp dark mode have arrived as well

Whatsapp is usually working on several other features. Some of the features that WhatsApp will introduce in its future update would be dark mode and fingerprint authentication.

So, here is a list of new features that WhatsApp is possibly planning to introduce in the future.

Dark mode

The company has started testing the new dark mode in WhatsApp. It was rumoured for a long time and now it’s finally going to be tested. This mode isn’t released and is unavailable on the WhatsApp beta. We have personally seen the shared screenshots of the WhatsApp dark mode. It has a dark grey background where the icons and the headings of the chat are visible in green colour. The sub texts and chat text is visible in white colour.

Fingerprint authentication

Now, it is good news for privacy concerning users. Nowadays, fingerprint authentication in common in every smartphone and as the name suggests, biometric authentication will soon be in work in WhatsApp. Fingerprint feature will be introduced soon in the future update. To activate this feature, you don’t need to run here and there. You just need to simply go in Settings, from there go to Account in which you will find privacy. You can find this option in Privacy. Fingerprint  feature will automatically lock the WhatsApp after 1 minute, 10minutes, 30 minutes or immediately after not being used.

Consecutive voice messages

In this feature users can play uninterrupted audio messages on WhatsApp. If a user receives numerous audio messages on WhatsApp, it will play consecutively. Earlier, users had to press play button for every individual audio message but now this feature will itself remove any need of pressing play button and will play continuously all the audio messages automatically. This update is already available in the beta version of the app.

Picture-in-Picture (PiP) background play

The Picture-in-Picture feature allows the user to access several apps over whatsapp. For example, user would be able to view YouTube or Instagram videos within WhatsApp. If the user exits the chat then he will no longer be able to view the video and will have to return back to the chat to open the video. Now, WhatsApp is working on this feature and is modifying it to the extent so that users can access to these videos even after the chat is closed.