Whatsapp to add Video calling, Group invites, NFC tags and voicemail

Whatsapp to add Video calling, Group invites, NFC tags and voicemail : Looks like Whatsapp is all set to compete against “Skype” as Whatsapp users will soon be able to connect to their family members or friends with the help of new Whatsapp calling feature. Since last year rumors were all around that Whatsapp will soon be adding the new video call feature to its feature list.  New screen shots have been leaked which confirm these rumors.


New video call feature

If these leaks are to be believed the company is also beta testing this video calling feature for the iOS based phones as well. According to android Police the users who translate the whatsapp messages to various languages have witness this new feature but currently they are not able to make any video calls by using these feature. currently Video calling can be accessible only on few devices which are running on beta apps and to have video call with other party it is necessary for the other party to have beta as well.

Going by these grapevines then we are quite sure that whatsapp will soon be launching this new feature but it is still a mystery that how Whatsapp is going to roll out video calling feature?- to beta participants only, to everyone or through the way of invites (this way company used last time when they unveiled their new calling feature).

New Group Invite link and NFC tags:

Apart from video call the other interesting feature added in the list is the new “group invites link” which can be sent either through links or NFC tags. This new feature will provide ease to all the businesses and communities who can now easily add more people in their group by simply using this “group invite feature” instead of manually invite each and every person.

New Voice Mail feature:

It has been a year that Whatsapp has added Voice calling feature. But since the 1st day nothing much has changed about it. Company is still working on to improve the voice calling feature as well. Till now in whatsapp’s Voice calling feature if you are calling someone if the other party is not able to pick up the call, one doesn’t get to know whether the person actually disconnected the call or he/she did not pick. This is a major loophole in their voice calling feature but to eliminate this company has added a new Voice mail feature that enable one to leave a voice mail if in case other party is not able to pick the call.

It is different from the recording feature in the sense that one doesn’t have to cut the call, he can simply go back to conversation and record their message by tapping on the microphone.

One has to wait a while for these features to be launched as there is no official announcement regarding the announcement of these features.