WhatsApp’s Upcoming latest features: PIP for Web, emoji layout, fingerprint lock and many more

WhatsApp’s Upcoming latest features: PIP for Web, emoji layout, fingerprint lock and many more: WhatsApp has recently added a series of new features for its mobile as well as desktop users. The most recent update carries the widely held Picture-in-Picture (PIP) mode for WhatsApp Web users. The newest PIP feature permits operators to lookout shared Instagram and YouTube videos deprived of departing the application.

WhatsApp rolling out PIP feature for WhatsApp Web: How to watch YouTube and other videos on WhatsApp desktop

WhatsApp’s Picture-in-Picture feature was lately speckled in one of the current beta versions of the application. To lookout a video short of leaving WhatsApp Web, just click on the pop-out icon on a companionable video. Operators can also drag and transfer the spot of the video.

At present, WhatsApp supports shared videos as of YouTube and Instagram. Users must note that in order to get the latest features you must have the latest version of WhatsApp Web. To check whether you are on latest version or not, go to Settings on your WhatsApp Web > Help> version.

Latest Features of WhatsApp

Fingerprint lock

The most recent beta version of WhatsApp has lastly added support for biometric authentication. On the other hand, this is limited to locking and unlocking the application. Now, WhatsApp allows its users to increase an added layer of lock through fingerprint sensor and facial recognition, which is also known as Face ID.

Dark Mode

Dark mode not only helps in using the app at night but also it helps in to preserve battery life of your device for long duration. There are various other social networking apps today that offer dark-mode which is mainly a theme with dark colours and dim lighting. It is expected that this feature is going to hit the WhatsApp soon.

Emoji layout

Additional latest feature is a set of newly different fresh emoji layout. As per the reports, the newest beta version has in excess of new layouts for 21 emojis. The alterations comprises of minor design and style modifications which is even hardly noticeable.

Private Replies

The mostly anticipated feature is seems to be coming soon for the WhatsApp users. The private replies were newly presented for Android users. This feature is anticipated to lastly reach iOS devices. With this feature, operators can privately answer to a person in a group chat.

Stickers integration

WhatsApp’s widely held Stickers feature is at the present receiving assimilated into third-party keyboards such as Gboard. This will permit operators to send in-line stickers from the keyboard as an alternative of searching from the in-app stickers dashboard. WhatsApp is anticipated to incorporate stickers with more third-party keyboards in the forthcoming years.