WhatsApp Virus: Downloading ‘WhatsApp Gold’ could leave your smartphone malfunctioned

WhatsApp Virus: Downloading ‘WhatsApp Gold’ could leave your smartphone malfunctioned: Now days, be aware of the malfunctioned message forwarded in the WhatsApp. The message is claiming for better experiencing by upgrading your messaging application. This WhatsApp forward message is asking people to upgrade for WhatsApp Gold.

WhatsApp ‘Gold’ Hoax: A Virus That You Should Not Download

If you have received such kind of messages in your WhatsApp, then be aware as it is a vicious virus and if you have no received this type of message yet then be aware of it before you get into its trap. However, some users might be aware of this message that it is malfunctioned but there are still some people who might get caught into this trap through their one click on the message.

The malfunctioned WhatsApp message reads, “Had this sent to me. If you use whatsapp! Today the radio was talking about Whatsapp Gold. There is a video that will be launched tomorrow in Whatsapp and is called Martinelli. Do not open it. Goes into your phone and nothing you do will fix it. Spread the word if you know someone.”

These practices did not appear suddenly but also since 2016, various WhatsApp users have stated getting a limited invitation to install the limited edition version of the widespread messaging app called WhatsApp Gold. According to that message it claims that this upgrade version offers new latest features such as the users can have video chats, also they can send 100 pictures at a time as well as deleting messages after sending them.

In the meantime, WhatsApp has just come out with a new update in the Beta channel for iOS operators. The new version of the latest update number of the app is now and this version comes up with few of the new features.

As per the reports of WABetaInfo, the new version includes new changes as well as the new features. The new alteration involves such as the users before sending any photo, video or GIFs to any other WhatsApp users, they can add stickers on it.

This means that the WhatsApp operators are now able to add content stickers like they can add time and location to the pictures or videos. They can also use personal stickers from the third party apps or from in-built sticker packs as well as emojis.

Also, the new update brings out a newly reformed section to make it more easy for the users to select these type of stickers.The stickers those you can see in the new update are the stickers you have already seen in the stories of Instagram.