Whatsapp Will Soon Update Some Features Like Callback, Video Calling & More

Whatsapp Will Soon Update Some Features Like Callback, Video Calling & More :- Whatsapp is an important chatting app for all worldwide. It is used by all to stay connected to their friends and family. It enables us to share photos, videos, locations, audios, contacts and lots more. Recently, Whatsapp announces to update some awesome features like callback, voice mail, video calling etc. to the iOS and android users.


In the latest update, Whatsapp updated calling feature using very fewer data for Windows, iOS and android. This has made an increase in the number of its users.

Whatsapp will soon update a call back features that will enable its users to call back to their friends and relatives with just a single tap without opening the app. As the button will be placed in the notification center collaborating with the WhatsApp call notification in the panel. By this feature, the user can conveniently call to their loved ones without wasting their time.

Currently, this update is in progress the WhatsApp team is checking out with the Beta Programme.

Recently, WhatsApp added the documents sending feature, WhatsApp calling feature and data encryption feature. Now it is also planning to bring a drastic change by adding the Voice mailing feature to the custom iOS users. In which user can record the voicemails and can send to their contacts list.

According to the reports, this feature is enabled only when the user is busy on WhatsApp call. But we have to wait until and unless the update is available. WhatsApp is also trying to add the Video calling feature to the app. By this feature, the user can not only hear the audio but also can look the video. All these features are running on the Beta version of WhatsApp.

The end-to-end encryption feature secures the chats and shared files from the third parties. It needs a verification code by the other contact to protect your files from the third parties and other apps. This feature keeps your personal chats very secure.

Stay connected guys and get the update when it is available to enjoy above benefits.