White House: Biden Signs into Law Same-$ex Marriage Bill and Interracial Marriages Details

The United States of America has come up to the world as an example of bringing up the topic of same-sex marriage. The issue of same-sex marriage was ruled in the month of June 2022, Joe Biden warned that Justice Clarence Thomas “explicitly called to reconsider the right of the marriage of the equality for the right of the couples so that they would be able to make their choices on contraception. Now it is going to be allowed for men and men, women and women, lesbian and lesbian, and the gay and the gay to get married to each other.

Biden Signs into Law Same-Sex Marriage Bill

There were a lot of times when it was not allowed for same-sex couples to get married or to be together. And now it has been signed by President Joe Biden that a couple of the same sex can be in a relationship and get married. Even in the year 1996, Joe Biden voted for the Defense of Marriage Act. Now when the same-sex bill has been signed President Joe Biden has signed the Same-Sex Marriage act in the House with 39 Republicans. President Joe Biden has also given his statement after the bill was signed by him. He has said a lot of things in his statement.

Biden Signs into Law Same-$ex Marriage Bill

President Joe Biden said a lot of things in his statement after signing the Respect for Marriage Act was done before thousands of invited guests had entered the South Lawn at an event at the White House. He said in his statement that marriage is a kind of theory. He asked in his statement who people love, and whether would there be loyalty to the person whom people would love. He asked all the questions from the South Lawn. President Joe Biden said that other than the matter of love, marriage is not more complicated than that.

President Joe Biden said in his statement that everyone should have the right to answer the questions to themselves with no interference from the government and the protection of the marriage. He said in his statement that in the history of the United States of America, the country denied for the couple to be together and get the marriage of the same sex. Earlier, it was unsuccessful for everyone to treat a couple of same-sex with dignity and respect. And now it is legally allowed for couples of the same sex to be together.

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