WHO: Delhi is Most Polluted City in the World; Mumbai is on 4th Numbers

WHO: Delhi is Most Polluted City in the World; Mumbai is on 4th Numbers: You all should know that Pollution is one of the most dangerous and unwelcomed problems not just for India but for the whole world. We all should know that our planet earth isn’t a dustbin and we should make is better than it is right now. We aren’t doing anything to make it perfect even we are making it worst day by day. According to a new study by WHO Indian capital has once again been found to be the world’s most polluted city and Mumbai is fourth.

WHO: Delhi is Most Polluted City in the World; Mumbai is on 4th Numbers

India tops the world in bad air quality: Kanpur, Delhi among 15 worst cities, Mumbai 4th most polluted megacity

You all should know that according to air quality data compiled by the World Health Organisation (WHO) for megacities with a population of 14 million or more these two Indian cities were on a very bad level. Also, Greater Cairo in Egypt is the second most polluted city and Bangladesh capital, Dhaka is on 3rd. Also, Beijing ranks fifth and they are about to go down in upcoming days because they are working towards it.

Also, the analysis of particulate matter in the air showed about 90% of people across the world are exposed to bad air which also leads to the 7 million deaths in 2016 according to the WHO reports. You all may know that most caused by industries, cars, and trucks, among others, caused 4.2 million deaths and indoor pollution caused 3.8 million deaths in 2016.

Also, the reports are saying that India also suffers under the weight of the dual burden of ambient and indoor air pollution. The analysis shows many smaller towns and cities in India also report pollution levels comparable to Delhi; the sheer population of Delhi, home to over 17 million people, compounds the health impact of air pollution. We are in very bad condition and it is getting worst days by days. Also, Delhi consistently features in the list of most polluted cities globally.