Who get Ticket To Finale Bigg Boss 9 4th December 2015 Episode Task Result Written Updates

Who get Ticket To Finale Bigg Boss 9 4th December 2015 Episode Task Result Written Updates : As we all know today is 53rd episode of Bigg Boss 9. And currently Panch Dosh task is taking place in BB9 house in which two teams A and B taking place. Bigg boss calls Priya in confession room, he says its time for 3rd vice or sin that is “greed”, in this task, both teams will choose one inmate from their teams whom they think are most greedy. You and the chosen inmates will go to activity area, they will be given some option and their greed will be tested through it, the one who chooses option first will lose the task as he could not control his greed while the other one will win, big boss says we are telling you an information as you are moderator that inmates will be given Ticket to Finale to test their greed but it is not real card but just fake one you should not tell this to inmates, she says okay. Now below get complete details of Bigg Boss 9 4th December 2015 Episode.

Who get Ticket To Finale Bigg Boss 9 4th December 2015 Episode Task Result Written Updates

Bigg Boss 9 4th December 2015 Episode Written Updates

Priya tells task to inmates. Kishwar discusses with her team and says it can be ticket to finale too but we should not fall for. Team A decides Kanwal to play from their side, Team B decides Rochelle to play it.

Mandana has been put in cage, as third vice “anger”, her anger wil tested, inmates from other team will have to irritate so that she gets angry and retaliate while Mandana have to control her anger and should not react. suyyash tries to irritate Mandana by making noise with utensils.

Prince and Kishwar have another argument. Later as other vice “greed”, Rochelle and Kanwal will be tested, they are sent to activity area and there is treasure box there, Priya opens it and find ticket to Finale card in it, Rochelle and Kanwal’s greed will be tested if they take up card and ditch their team or do not take it to make their team win? other inmates sees this on Tv and are tensed.

Rochelle and Kanwal are sent to activity area, Priya says to them that i am jealous, it can 25lacs too. bigg boss ask Priya to treasure box placed there, their greed is to be tested, the one who takes card will lose task.

Rochelle and Kanwal starts taking rounds of pool turned into swamp, everyone cheers for them, buzzer plays and task ends. everyone claps for Rochelle and Kanwal, Priya ask digi she counted rounds, tell her, she tells count. Rochelle took 53 rounds while Kanwal took 52rounds so Rochelle have won task. Priya says after all tasks related to sins. Team which consist of Prince, Rochelle, Keith and Prince, Rochelle says i am the only girl in house who doesnt give up at all. Keith says to Rochelle that in last task you were great, guys have no weight physically while it makes huge difference in these tasks body weight matters alot.,

PRECAP : Bigg boss taken inmates stuff and has Mandana says to Kishwar that i am not Kishwar but Mandana, Kishwar says you cant become Kishwar. Keith says to Rochelle that Priya is captain of house and can give you.