Who Is Anicka Vikhramman? Malayalam Actress Anicka Vikhramman Brutally Attacked By Ex-Boyfriend

An Indian popular actress who has appeared in some of the hit Tamil and Malayalam movies, Anicka Vijayi Vikramman aka Anicka Vikhramman has become a topic on the Internet after some of her pictures are getting viral on social media. According to the sources, the actress was seen brutally beaten in those pictures that have gone viral all over the world. The Malayalam actress caught the attention of her fans after sharing these pictures on social media. The actress has shared shocking pics of her severely injured face alleging that her ex-boyfriend attacked her and is now absconding.

Who Is Anicka Vikhramman

Let us tell you that the pictures were shared on social media on somehow, 6th or 7th of March on social media. Well, actress Anicka Vikramman has appeared in some hit movies in few Tamil movies as a lead role including “K” and also in Malayalam movies. The sources says that the actress shared these pictures on Instagram and wrote,” I was in love with a person named Anoop Pillai. He has abused me mentally and physically for the past few years. Never seen such a man. After doing all this he is scaring me. I never had a bad dream that he would do this to me. The second time, I filed a complaint with the police in Bengaluru about him beating me”.

Who Is Anicka Vikhramman?

Later, the actress continued,” The first time he beat me in Chennai, he felt at my feet and cried. I then foolishly left. The second time he did this, it was no avail. Because he managed to pay the police too. He assaulted me with great confidence that the police would ask me to leave the matter alone. I have been cheated on many times in the past few years. So I decided to leave him. But this man was not ready to leave me. We were friends. no doubt about it. He broke my phone. So I couldn’t even go to the shoot. Even before that, he was watching all my WhatsApp messages connected to his laptop without my knowledge”.

Now, this incident had made headlines on the Internet and everyone is trying to get more details about this. Well, neither the actress nor anyone else shared the information of Anicka’s ex-boyfriend. The actress just shared his name as Anoop Pillai. These pictures were shared by Anicka’s official Instagram page which has more than 203K followers with lots of posts.

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