Who Is Anthony Avalos? Parents of Slain 10-yr-old get Life For Killing Son Explained!

Sometimes it becomes hard to share some bitter and scary news which we come to know from the corners of the world. We come across sometimes sinful cases to such an extent that it seems that the accused of those crimes has no right to live in this world. We are sharing today one such ferocious case which has been reported from LOS ANGLES, CALIFORNIA. The case is revealing the barbarous actions of parents that took over the life of their own son. The heartless incident has shaken society and people are enraged against the parents who became so merciless toward their own son. Go through the whole article to know about the cruel case.

Who Is Anthony Avalos?

It has been reported that a couple has received a punishment of life imprisonment for murdering their own 10-year-old son. The couple identified as 33-year-old Heather Barron and 37-year-old Kareem Leiva, convicted of murder in March 2021, have been sentenced in Los Angeles on Tuesday, April 25. It has been reported that Barron’s 10-year-old son Anthony Avalos died in 2018 after being brutally assaulted and tortured by Barron and her boyfriend, Leiva. The child was repeatedly whipped on the bottom of his feet with a belt, body-slammed, and even forced to kneel, according to authorities. The couple is so cruel that they once poured hot sauce on the boy’s face as per reports.

Who Is Anthony Avalos?

According to the latest development in the case, the people were asking for the death penalty for the cowered parents but the court has given justice by saying that these monsters have their place in prison, so that they must feel hell in prison. The relatives of the boy are devasted by the death of the little child and her maternal aunts have given emotional statements and pleaded with the judge for maximum punishment for their sister Heather Barron. One of her sisters expressed her disgust towards Barron, referring to her as a “monster,” for committing such a ruthless crime.

A young cousin of the victim boy Anthony Avalos said that he misses his cousin so much and his aunt deserves to spend the rest of her life in prison. The young boy wants that her aunt must get beaten up in jail as she tortured her own son. People are expressing their grief and rage on various social media posts. Some are still demanding the death penalty for the couple. Some are asking for cruel treatment for the evils in the Jail. The good thing is that the court has denied parole for the couple. The bitter incident has shaken our consciences also. We are sending our deepfelt prayers for the poor child. Stay tuned…….

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