Who is Bassam Hamzy? Ghassan Amoun, Shot In South Wentworthville Video Viral Watch

Who is Bassam Hamzy? A brother of Brothers 4 Life, Ghassan Amoun, has reportedly been killed lately. In the lunchtime execution along a street, he was shot and died. He was the brother of Bassam Hamzy. Bassam Hamzy is the boss of the Brothers 4 Life gang. Ghassan Amoun is also known as The Next Target. According to the sources, it is expected that there is a gang war taking place between the Hamzy family and the Alameddine family.

He is a famous criminal in Australia. He is the leader of the underworld gang of Australia "Brothers 4 Life.

The high-ranking lieutenant of the underworld was gunned down by the police in Western Sydney outside an apartment building. On the account of the information given by the police, the shooting resulted in the carrying out of a man “wearing dark clothing” and “a covered face.” Later, a body was found on the street of a 35-year-old man about 3 PM on Thursday, 6th December 2022. The body was covered by a blue sheet. Glen Fitzgerald, the acting Superintendent has stated that the shooting was obliviously targeted by the shooters; however, there is an obvious connection 0f the criminal network in this shooting.

Who is Bassam Hamzy?

According to the police, Amoun faced this attack when he had approached his car. This was a brutal attack. The Superintendent of Police has added to his comment that the firearms are in the control of wrong people as a result this has been a serious concern to reach the root of this shooting so as to punish the convict for the assassination of Amoun.

The police reached the crime scene at 12:45 PM to investigate the shooting; however, the number of police increased to 13 and a police helicopter was also there at the crime scene by 05:00 PM on the same day. This incident has become the topic of conversation for everyone. The police are expected to solve this case as soon as possible as this case also has been highlighted by the international media.

Who is Bassam Hamzy?

He is a famous criminal in Australia. He is the leader of the underworld gang of Australia “Brothers 4 Life. Heis expected to be living in Australia. People assume that he must be aged between 4 years and 5 years. He has been charged with multiple criminal offences by the police. Nowadays, he has come to the sight of newspapers since the death of his brother. His brother has been killed by an unidentified shooter. His brother Amoun Hamzy has died.

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