Who Is Carole Baskin’s? Tiger King Star’s ‘Dead’ Husband Found Alive Explained!

Last year, there were several reports circulating that The Tiger King star, Don Lewis has been dead but it was not normal for all because it was officially declared in 2002. Unfortunately, the star wife Carole Baskin has captured the attention of people across the world after she claimed that her husband is still alive. According to the sources, Carole Baskin’s ex-husband Don Lewis was reportedly found alive in Costa Rica and the news started to appear on the Internet after one year. Now, the discovery is going viral on social media and every fan of Don Lewis is getting curious to know about this. So, let’s find out the reality behind this unfortunate news.

Who Is Carole Baskin's?

During a November 2021 interview with ITV’s This Morning, Carole Baskin who is 61 years old, revealed about her ex-husband who was officially declared dead in 2002 after disappearing a few years before, is actually alive and well. Along with this, Carole told that she was unaware of her husband until the sequel series was broadcast in November 2021. With this, she also pointed to her Big Cats blog to the New York Post,” I was not aware until the series TK2 aired”.

Who Is Carole Baskin’s?

With all of these, Carole Baskin revealed on the Internet,” Homeland Security reached out to the Sheriff’s Detective George Fernandez, and they said my husband is alive and living very well in Costa Rica”. According to the sources, Baskin’s ex-husband Don Lewis went disappeared in 1997. He went missing at the age of 59 and would be around 84 if he is still alive. Well, Lewis had not made any official statement about rumors that he is dead. “Homeland Security told that Don Lewis is still alive and I don’t know how did they find him and how did they claim that he is living in Costa Rica” said Baskin.

Let us tell you that Carole Baskin got famous after her Netflix documentary series followed the adventure of the big-cat keeper, Joseph Maldonado-Passage. During the Netflix series, Maldonago-Passage accused Carole Baskin that she was being connected to her husband after he mysteriously went missing in 1977 after six years of their marriage. Now, the news of Don’s discovery has shocked entire fans across the world and they are trying to know more details related to this case. Well, the official didn’t share much details about this but our sources are trying to know more updates. Keep in touch with us.

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