Who is Ceaser Curtis? Man Who Staged ex-wife’s Disappearance and Pleaded For Help to Find Her Charged

In this article, we are going to share the missing theory of Marcia Curtis who disappeared for a while. There is an investigation is ongoing and the authorities accused a man who staged his ex-wife’s disappearance and pleaded for help to find her charged with murder. There is a question also arising who is Ceaser Curtis? It is creating a great buzz on the internet and many are showing thier interest in knowing more about this incident. Let us discuss in detail the complete incident and also talk more about the investigation.

Who is Ceaser Curtis

Recently, a woman named Marcia Curtis went missing and her disappearance news went viral on the internet and social media pages. It is shared that a man named Ceaser Lewis Curtis was arrested by the Delaware Sheriff’s Office, Munice Police Department, and charged with murdering his wife Marcia. On 1 September 2023, the dead body of the woman was discovered outside an abandoned mobile home and now the authorities arrested Ceaser. She was 46 years old at the time of her demise and her death is said as a foul play. Still, many questions are arising among the people’s minds.

Who is Ceaser Curtis?

Ceaser Curtis is a 50-year-old man and he is accused of his partner’s murder. According to the reports, he had been missing since 1 September 2023 and she vanished when she left her job at FCC. It is a clutch-making company in Portland, Indiana. After her disappearance, her remains were found. He was also helping the authorities to find her and made various efforts by sharing her pictures on his Facebook friends to contact the police if they had seen her. He wrote a message on his Facebook account on 9 September 2023 and said “My wife has been missing in recent times and if anyone sees her anywhere then immediately contact police.”

Furthermore, he said that he was last seen wearing the FCC uniform blue and white, we all are worried about her and praying for her safety and contact the police if you have seen her”. Her daughter Brittney Ratliff also shared a message and expressed thier love for her mother. He stages the disappearance of his ex-wife and pleads to find her wife, After this incident, the authorities arrest him and charge him with the murder of his wife. He is taken under custody and charged with murder. The investigation is ongoing and the investigators continue to fetch more evidence. We will update our article soon. Stay linked with dekhnews.com to read articles on the latest news topics.

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