Who Is Danielle Bush? Jazz Dancer Surprise Proposal Video Goes Viral On Social Media!

A piece of very interesting and exciting news is circulating on the internet which is about Danielle Bush, who is a Utah Jazz dancer and during her live performances when she got a surprise from her beloved friend which attracts all the viewers towards the performances and won the hearts of the viewers who witnessed the performances. During her live performance, she got an incredible and outstanding surprise which stunned her a lot after getting an incredible surprise. All the viewers also get super happy and excited after witnessing this and congratulate the dancer on her social media handles for her surprise which she got throughout her performance by her friends and the messages section of the viewers flooded with lots of congratulations messages for this. The viewers are eager to know about that what actually happened at the performance of the dancer. The dancer witnessed misery when she was clueless about the different and changed choreography which she got in front of live viewers. Stick with us to grasp all the updates and information about the event.

Who is Danielle Bush?


Talking about the whole incident then as we all know that Utah Jazz defeat Charlotte Hornets on the night of Monday and as decided a dance performance has been performed by the dancers as they practiced earlier. Although, the song got suddenly changed to the popular Bruno Mars famous and hit song named Marry You. Apart from, Danielle Bush, all the others dancers knew the choreography and performed as well but Danielle got shocked and tried hard to copy them.

Who Is Danielle Bush?

After that, the boyfriend of Danielle appeared on the stage and proposed to her to marry him and after seeing him, she got shocked and can’t imagine that what she will do now, but she said yes to him and hugs him tightly. The video of him proposing to her goes viral on the internet and amazed and won the hearts of many viewers. The whole surprise was managed and made by the dance team director of Utah Jazz named Ashley Kelson.

It was revealed in an interview, where Kelson stated that it was really tough for her to get Danielle away from her fellow dancers and it was really tough for her but she called Danielle Bush for a discussion and the rest dancers were practised the special choreography. After the proposal, the dancer puts the video of her getting the proposal from her boyfriends on her official Instagram handle. The fans gets amazed and the viewers gets surprised after seeing this. Stay tuned with us,

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