Who is Jessica Mann? ‘Meatball’ Dayjia Blackwell’s Lawyer Claims ‘all-out Assault’ on Philly ‘Looter’ is Racially Driven

Dayjia Blackwell’s attorney, Jessica Mann, called the response to her recent livestream of a flash mob looting in Philadelphia a “racist, all-out assault.” “Meatball” (Dayjia’s real name) uploaded a video of the looters to her Instagram feed, where she encouraged her more than 181,000 followers to join in the chaos. The video showed the looters breaking into a flash mob in Philadelphia. Keep reading the entire article. So, you don’t miss any details.

Who is Jessica Mann?

Jessie Mann has been a lawyer since October 2015 and is currently the managing attorney at Shaka Johnson’s Law Office. She has a lot of experience in the legal field, having worked as a legal intern at Johnson Russeck & Page Trial Lawyers. She learned how to prepare for trials, draft motions, handle correspondence, and observe courtrooms. She also interned at a public defender’s office in Gainesville Ga, where she helped supervise criminal cases, did client interviews, and did legal research. Before her law career, Jessica worked as a security guard for over three years at Huffmaster. She has a JD from the Drexel U School of Law and finished her education there in 2015. She also got a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice in 2012 from the University of Phoenix. Swipe to know more details related to this case.

Who is Jessica Mann?

Jessica Mann said that Dayjia was “a bright, funny, and amazing young African-American woman” who made a name for herself by creating funny and captivating social media content. She said that she had “captured the hearts” of thousands of people and left a trail of “laughter and joy” in her wake. She said that her videos were full of “silly skits” and “intriguing pranks” that would bring a smile to anyone who saw them. She also said that her enthusiasm was “unbelievable” and that she always went into each show to entertain and uplift her audience. Keep reading to get all the details.

According to Jessica Mann, Blackwell live-streamed because she wanted to expose the “deep-rooted problems” that plague society. But the police and the local media didn’t have a chance to have a real conversation about what was causing the riot. Mann said the looters were “people driven by pain” and that the robbery wasn’t about anything like sneakers or alcohol. Some people backed her up, but some also said that someone had accused Blackwell of being part of a crime ring. One person even said that Blackwell’s grandmother didn’t approve of what she did. “Her grandma said it was wrong and you’re playing the legal mumbo jumbo,” one person said. Be with our site to get news updates.

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