Who is Jimmy Amisial? Texas College Student, 27, Reveals He is Adopting Baby He Found in Trash Can

A proud thing is done by a student Jimmy Amisial who was a student of Texas college and this work is now appreciated by the people when this college boy revealed what he has done. If you wondering what we are talking about so don’t worry in this article we have shared detailed information about him and the work he did which is now getting appreciated by millions of people. He is a college boy who went to meet his mother but coming back he found an angel who changed his life. So, let’s have a look at this news in the next sections.

Jimmy Amisial

He was just 27 years old and a student at Texas University. He also has a mother who lived in Haiti he had his semester break and he decided to meet his mother but he got a new family member. He is such a nice boy and also helped an orphanage in which he supported the organisation by giving some money and physical work which is needed. So he saw a crowd going to the orphanage and notice that there is a four months boy who is in the trash.

Who Is Jimmy Amisial?

He saw that no one is coming to help that baby and they just doing arguments and discussions that who will keep this tiny baby this whole incident changes his life and he felt the pain after seeing that boy and decided to adopt him. He took the baby to his mother and they cleaned him and took him to the hospital for a checkup. When the hearing happened judge asked him if he is adopting the baby or not he said he is struggling with his college fees and his expenses and how can he manage the expenses of this baby.

He got a voice that this happened for a reason so he said yes to judge and now it’s been five years he is his guardian and he gave him the name Emilio and now he is happy and living the happiest life with the baby. Now he left the college university to take care of this child and this news has gone viral and people are coming forward to support him for his study and other expenses for the baby. He is now ready to accept him as his son and he is also happy to get a new family member.

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