Who Is Jordan DeMay? Three Man Charged in $extortion of UP Teen

Here we are going to talk ka bout the three Nigerians who have been charged recently. They have been charged with extortion involving several young men and teenage boys from Michigan and around the nation. This incident is getting so much attention a few over a year after the death of a teenager, Jordan DeMay who commented suicide. This news is creating a great buzz on the internet or social media pages and attracting the interest of many people. Lots of people are continuously hitting search engine sites to gain more information about this incident and are curious to know more information about this incident. In this article, we shared the complete information about the three Nigerians and also talk some more related to this topic.

Jordan DeMay

According to the reports, the three Nigerina were identified as Samuel Ogoshi who is 22 years old, Samson Ogoshi who is 20 years old and  Ezekial Ejehem Robert who is 19 years old. They all are facing a charge with extortion involving young men and teenage boys from Michigan. This incident took place at the Marquette, Michigan located in the Great Lakes region of the upper Midwestern United States. The all are arrested to a federal indictment by US Attorney Mike Totten that was unsealed on Wednesday 3 May 2023.

Who Is Jordan DeMay?

If we talk about sextortion then it is a kind of criminal act that involves blackmailing someone by threatening to expose sexually explicit images, videos, or anything which can be a part of his personal information about them. After a deep research, Jordan was only a 17 years old and a student of Michigan high school. He killed himself also can said as he committed suicide just hours after blackmailers threatened him to share his personal or naked pictures online and this incident happened on Fridaty 25 March 2022. Blackmailer demanded to pay $300 but he was unable to pay which resulted in his death. Scroll down to know more about this incident.

It is shared that they created fake social media identities and blackmail through the medium of social media platforms. Many young men and teenage boys were involved in this incident. The investigation began early and there is no evidence to come out about this blackmailing incident. The investigation is still ongoing but not much information has been shared. After coming out of this news many users of social media are sharing their reactions and responses to this incident. Stay tuned to dekhnews.com to read more articles on the latest news topics.

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