Who Is Justin C Julian? Georgia School Staff Hide Camera In Student’s Bathroom Details Explained!

Who Is Justin C Julian? Georgia School Staff Hide Camera In Student’s Bathroom Details Explained! A staff member of san elementary school has been arrested for eavesdropping on surveillance and child cruelty. The ane of the suspect staff member is being said to be Justin C Julian. This is not acceptable from the side of anyone that somebody makes surveillance on someone at a private place.

Justin C Julian

According to the sources, the alleged person had fixed cameras in the bathroom so students. He was accustomed to watching students doing private activities that is is not expected from anyone, especially on the school premises.

Furthermore, the suspect has been arrested on 30th January 202 by the Cobb County police. The incident has created discontent among the people of Georgia, the United States. For the sin Justin C Julian has committed, he has been put behind the bars. He is in the jail of Conn County in Georgia, America. Other than the tenure of the sentence, he has to pay a fine of $15000 to get himself free from the sentence of

According to the reports, he was illegally peeping three children aged 10 years and 8 years. He had been peeping children for a long ago. The incident is concerning the Blackwell Elementary School in the Cobb county of Georgia in the US. The school staff is cooperating with the police in the investigation the police spokesperson has said. He also mentioned that one of the three victim students realised that something was wrong in the bathroom and he informed the school staff. This news has put Blackwell Elementary School to the headlines of the media.

Moreover, this incident is definitely affecting the image of the school. The investigating police team has yet not reveal the department name that the alleged was a part of. It has been informed by the school staff and also the police that the complaint related to any issue that the victim is not comfortable in while expressing may report via phone call, text message or an email.

The police are still investigating the case with the view to probing whether there is the involvement of any teaching staff in this case or the arrested person was the only one who committed this felony crime. More details in the context of this issue must be updated on our page as soon as we get more details about the same.

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