Who Is Munmun Dhamecha? NCB Arrested With Aryan Khan And Arbaaz Merchant

The news which collected all the headlines from the morning is the arresting of Shahrukh Khan’s son named Aryan Khan who got arrested by the NCB for a drug case. Two more names are coming in the headlines who were also involved with Aryan at the party are Arbaaz Merchant and Munmun Dhamecha and both of them are under the custody of the police and arrested along with Aryan Khan. All the youngsters are arrested from the cruise on 2nd October and then they were under interrogation by the officers and then they got arrested and sent for the medical examination. Along with them, 5 more youngsters gets arrested from a cruise and now, there are a total of 8 youngsters arrested by the police officers and these three names are grabbing all the headlines and during the investigation, all of them stated the name of the drug paddler who will also be arrested very soon by the police.


The whole incident happened on 2nd October 2021 where the Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) invaded a cruise ship that was moving from Mumbai and travelling to Goa. The officers were tipped that a drug party is going on the ship named Cordelia Cruise Empress Ship and then after getting the tip they reached to the ship dressed like a passenger and then raided the party. At the party, many of the celebrities along with businessmen of entertainment were on the cruise. After that, the officers arrested a total of 8 people from the cruise.

Who Is Munmun Dhamecha?

A video is circulating where the son of Shahrukh Khan is clearly seen in the party and after that, the interrogation of Aryan started where he tells that he was invited to the party as the guest and he didn’t pay any amount to be in the party. Along with this, Aryan stated that the organizers of the party invited him for coming to the party and now, the police seized the mobile of Aryan and started finding the chat where he talked about this.

After that, the President and CEO of Cordelia Cruises named Jurgen Bellum stated that the drugs which are founded by NCB were kept in the luggage of the passengers. The passengers who were found carrying a drug immediately deboarded from the cruise and the officers stated that the drugs such as MDMA, cocaine, charas were founded from the ship’s passengers. All the arrested persons are under interrogation and the 8 people who got arrested in this case are Aryan Khan, Arbaaz Merchant, Munmun Dhamecha, Nupur Sarika, Ishmeet Singh, Mohak Jaiswal, Vikrant Choker and Gomit Chopra. Stay tuned with us.

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