Who Is Pearl Fernandez? The Torture Story Of A Mother Explained, Gabriel Fernandez Mystery!

Who Is Pearl Fernandez? The Torture Story Of A Mother Explained, Where Is She Now:- This is being said by people from ancient times that only a mother’s love is pure in the world, but this statement is not always true as everything has its exceptional case. A mother, Pearl Fernandez, was guilty of the death of her 8-year-old son. This is so strange to hear that a mother killed her own son by torturing him to death. She murdered her son in 2013 and now she was in jail without a possibility of any parole, from 2018. Today in court, the judge denied a re-sentencing request made by Pearl Fernandez who was guilty of first-degree murder. Her boyfriend, Isauro Aguirre was also involved in this murder and now he was sentenced to death. His request was automatically had been filed with the California Supreme Court.

Who Is Pearl Fernandez The Torture Story Of A Mother Explained Gabriel Fernandez Mystery Details

The victim, Gabriel Daniel Fernandez was born on 20 February 2005 to Arnold Contreras (his father) and Pearl Fernandez (his mother). He spent her childhood with the take care of his great-uncle, Michael Lemos Carranza, from Pearl’s side, and her boyfriend David Martinez. Let us tell you some more about Pearl Sinthia Fernandez cum Pearl Fernandez, she was born to Robert Fernandez and Sandra Fernandez in 1983. Robert Fernandez was in jail and spent his whole life in jail that’s why Pearl’s life was so Topsy-turvy. Pearl Fernandez was also a rape victim. Pearl was raped by her uncle when she was young and also by a group of guys who raped her for many days. When pearl was in high school, she dropped it because of being a rape victim.

The Torture Story Of A Mother Explained

As per reports, the judge denied the parole of Pearl Fernandez. She was sentenced to jail because she tortured her by beating him till his bones break, and forcing him to drink his own vomit or cat’s pee. There were so many burns from cigarettes on Gabriel’s body. She also shoots him with a BB gun in different areas of his body and sometimes sprays pepper spray on his eyes. She forced him to wear women’s clothes and when he denied it then she starts to beat him.

This is so horrific to hear, means just imagine, these kinds of people were living between us. Isn’t she had a heart when she was doing these kinds of terrible activities with her own son even who was just only 8-year-olds. May his soul rest in peace. Always stay connected for more information and updates.

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