Who is Stuttee Chadha, Wife of Millionaire Hotel Boss Net Worth And Profession

One of the most popular and millionaire hotel bosses named Vivek Chadha passed away and leaves his wife along with her parents who will definitely remember him and yet they are in a shocking state and can’t believe that he is no more with them and leaves the world very soon. All the family member mourns his death and the family members and the colleagues of the deceased started giving him homage and tribute through many mediums. He was the most popular and millionaire and many of him are stated as the Hotel tycoon and he achieved this position just because of his hard work and dedication which he showed in his work and just by this, he collects that much attention and praise in the Hotel industry. Now, the sad news is that he is no more with us and everyone is eager to know the cause of the death of the Hotel Tycoon. So, stick with our blog to collect all the information about him.

Vivek Chadha then he was the founder of the Nine Group company

Speaking about who was Vivek Chadha then he was the founder of the Nine Group company which he founded along with his father in the year 2012. He also bought the four-star London 02 Arena Hotel along with four Holiday Inn hotels and also a pub which is in Surrey. The Hotel Tycoon was trapped between London and his residence in Berkshire and also he was popularly known for attending many of the Conservative Party where he clicks the pictures with Theresa May and David Cameron. Also, in the year 2017, he grasps the award for ‘Rising Star’ at the event of Young Entrepreneur of Year.

Vivek Chadha Cause of Death is still not stated by the family members but it is speculated that he was suffering from a long term illness by which he died on Sunday early morning in Central London. Just one day before he attended an exclusive club which is in Mayfair, London. Amidst the news of his death, all the media attention is shifted towards her wife named Stuttee Chadha because all people send the prayer and condolence to her and his family.

Speaking about who is Stuttee Chadha then she is a 29-year-old model and she married Vivek just eight weeks before her husband’s demise and she is a model and she did many of the beauty and bridal campaigns in the UK. Now, Vivek’s wife is in a very shocking state and can’t believe that he is no more with her and left the world at a very young age. We also pay homage and respect to the deceased and may his soul rest in peace.

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