Who Is Tomasz Oleszak? Face of 14-year-old Killer Who Boasted After Stabbing Boy to Death

In a recent piece of news, a horrifying and strange case is before the court in Gateshead city of UK. The fearsome incident that took place in the city in the month of October 2022 is in limelight these days. The horrific incident took over the life of a 14-year-old boy who was stabbed by a boy of the same age. The saddening news has shaken the world. A boy named Tomasz Oleszak was murdered by another boy Leighton Amies who is now 15. The killer boy claimed that it was an accident, but the court proceedings are revealing a different story. Go through the whole article to know more about the news.

Who Is Tomasz Oleszak?

It has been reported that the killer boy Leighton Amies, who did not know Tomasz, stabbed him with a knife in Whitehills Nature Park where he was roaming with her girlfriend. Although the police had arrested the boy on suspicion of murder and the girl who was only 13, for offending him. But the identification of the boy was not revealed to the public till now. The family of the victim Tomasz is devastated and completely shattered. It is reported that after attacking the boy, the accused boy boasted “I’ve wetted your boy”. Scroll down for more info.

Who Is Tomasz Oleszak?

The boy Amies was remanded into youth detention accommodation because of his age. Reports tell us that on 3rd October at around 8 pm when the boy was in the public park with the girl, they noticed a group of boys following him. The accused boy was carrying a sharp kitchen knife under his shirt. The gang made fun of him which lead to a heated argument. The defense lawyer is claiming that one of the gang punched Amies and he did so in self-defense. The prosecutor, on the other hand, told jurors that he is telling lies as he didn’t get any harm to his body not there is any evidence of the harm.

The case was going on but the public was keen to know about his identification, but due to the anonymity order, it was not possible. Mr Justice Martin Spencer, who is the judge of the case has lifted the order in the public interest. He stated that this case would act as a deterrent to the other teenagers and they can be prevented to do such crimes. Reports tell that the accused boy hid the knife in the bush of a park after committing the crime. The victim boy was taken to hospital but died due to a deep injury in the chest. The majority of the witnesses are young in this case. According to new reports, The accused boy is due to be sentenced in June. The unfortunate incident has spread a wave of grief in the city. People are now feeling concerned about the mental health of youngsters. We will be back to you with more updates. Stay tuned…..

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