Who is Victoria Triece? OnlyF Model Banned From Volunteering At School in Sand Lake Elementry

Victoria Triece is an England based model who works on Instagram and OnlyFans. Her Instagram and OnlyFans handles are @Snooks. Though her real name is Victoria Triece yet people know her by her professional name, that is, Snooks. She is a mother of two children who live with her. Victoria Triece has come into the sight of the world audience because of being discriminated against by her children’s school administration due to her choice of profession. She is proclaiming to sue the school for one million dollars over playing with her dignity. Victoria Triece was denied from volunteering by the school wherein her children study. The school banned her due to her account on an adult site. AS per the information, someone sent her pictures from her OnlyFans account to the school administration. Later; the school informed her, the school would not welcome her to the school premises.

Who is Victoria Triece? OnlyF Model Banned From Volunteering At School in Sand Lake Elementry

This is a disrespectful act by school authorities if they judge and treat people on the basis of their choice of profession. Schools are known to teach people lessons of equality on a practical basis where there everyone is treated equally; irrespective of their caste, class, gender, race and body shape, there is a way to succeed. School staff is supposed to teach the difference between good and bad; therefore, they are not likely to treat people wrong themselves.

About Victoria Triece

Victoria Triece is an OnlyFans and Instagram model who is famous as Snooks on social media. She is an adult account with NSFW(not safe for working) content. Her account has NSFW content on it and she has over 120,000 followers on her Instagram handle. According to the sources, her bold pictures were taken from her OnlyFans paid account and sent to the school authority. As a result, the school authority sent her a mail to inform her that she would not be allowed to volunteer in her kid’s school. The mail surged her temperament and she spewed her wrath via her Twitter handle.

Mark NeJame, the lawyer of Victoria Triece, has announced the proclamation of one million dollars on her kid’s school authority for disrespecting her dignity and also for restraining her from being around her children. She highlighted that she had had to face humiliation from other parents with whom she had good relations before. She culminated her wrath by sending a great message that her profession should not be a concern of anyone else.

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