Who Killed Jesslyn Zuniga? Found Dead After First Date In Houston Details Explained!

Who Killed Jesslyn Zuniga?  The breaking and shocking news of the hour is that one more tragedy is happened and occurred in Houston which is in Texas where an 18-year-old girl was discovered dead under an overpass after she attended her first date with a guy and as per the statement of the police it is supposed that this is suicide but on the other hand, the family of the deceased insists that there is more to the story and are demanding answers. Speaking about the deceased then, Jesslyn Zuniga was an 18-year-old girl hailed from Houston which is in Texas native who was located dead on 6th February 2022 beneath an overpass at East Freeway and Gregg Street at around 3 AM local time after attending her first date with a guy. Jesslyn finished and completed her graduation from Channel View High School and has been defined as a beautiful girl full of life. Be with our page and blog to collect and grasp all the information and details about the whole matter.

Who Killed Jesslyn Zuniga?

Who Killed Jesslyn Zuniga

The reason for the death and Jesslyn’s Cause of Death has not been disclosed and shared by any of the officials and more information is assumed at a later time as police resume to perform an investigation and also, the identity and the identification of the guy whom with she went outside were also not yet disclosed and shared by the officials. As per the initial and starting statement of the Police, they initially believed and supposed that the death of Jesslyn was a suicide, although, the parents and family of the girl stated that their daughter would have never deliberately hopped off the overpass and with this statement, the investigation is going on.

The father of the deceased named Jose stated in the media report that they are honouring his daughter and she was a young, beautiful girl full of life and she would never jump off a bridge, she is full of life and she just graduated last year and it’s not something she would do. In addition to this, he stated that at the night when she was reportedly meeting a fellow she had been in the conversation for around a month but the situation got changed when she didn’t return home and this is the first time, she didn’t end up coming back home and ended up dying.

As per the statement of the witnesses who witness the accident stated to the police officials that they had listened to trouble and a man yelling near the spot and then an unknown guy fled the spot on foot. After that, the driver of a pickup truck went to the Houston Police Department and stated to them he had been engaged in the collision and a girl was thrown from the truck. With this statement, the official have started the investigation of the case and surely they will reach a conclusion very soon.

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