Who Was Coi Quang Nguyen? Fort Dodge Man Killed in Morning Crash on icy Highway

Heartbreaking news has caught the attention of people across the world after a woman who is believed to be 54 years old became a victim in a fatal car accident that happened in Webster County. According to the sources, the deceased has been identified as Coi Quang Nguyen who was 54 years old at the time of his death, according to WEBSTER COUNTY. The victim was from For Doge, lowa. In lowa’s Webster County, the tragedy took place early on Tuesday, February 28, 2023. Many are now trying to know what was the reason behind this tragedy and how did it happen.

Who Was Coi Quang Nguyen?

Since the incident took place, many individuals including the victim’s close ones are paying tributes to him on the Internet and offering their deep sorrow to the family member who lost their beloved ones. Let us tell you that Coi Quang Nguyen lost control over his SUV at around 06:45 AM on an icy section of Highway 169 close to 170th Street. Unfortunately, he couldn’t control the car which resulted in this accident. Police and emergency services rushed to the scene to handle the situation but they couldn’t save the person who was involved in the crash. Keep reading to get more details.

What Happened To Coi Quang Nguyen?

The incident occurred on Tuesday morning, in Webster County, lowa. The driver of the SUV who has been identified as Coi Quang Nguyen was driving his SUV and lost his control over it on an icy patch of Highway 169 which is near 170th Street. The vehicle slid into the path of a semi and Coi Quang was pronounced dead at the scene. Another side, the driver of semi, Jay Gertson of Dakota City was taken to the hospital with minor injuries.

After the incident happened, the Highway was shut down for a couple of hours before it was reopened. It has been confirmed that the icy road condition was the main cause of the incident due to which, Coi Quang lost his control. These icy roads can be dangerous and are often cited as caused for serious accidents.

Even when drivers take safety steps like driving more slowly than usual and giving other drivers more room to manoeuvre, slippery patches on the asphalt that are difficult to see until it’s too late may still cause an accident. Well, we don’t have much information about Coi Quang Nguyen who has gone from this world. He will be always remembered by his family.

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