Who was Luca Itvai? How Did He Die, What Happened To Him Cause Of Death

Who was Luca Itvai? How Did He Die, What Happened To Him Cause Of Death A piece of very shocking and harsh news comes in the headlines which collected all the attention of the internet users towards it is that the popular TikTom star named Lucas Pisciotto alias Luca Itvai of age around 21 was speared to death by his mother’s ex-partner, on the mid-noon of Wednesday on 2nd February in Liège, Belgium. According to the reports, which is surfaced that the 44-year-old mother of Luca named Madeleine, was in a connection and relation with Pietro Randazzo for around nine years and not staying capable to carry the split and Pietro went to encounter Madeleine in the mid-noon of Wednesday to encounter her for dragging on and later, the normal conversation and argument shifted into violence as he attempted to strike and choke her. The news surfaced on all the internet and collects all the headlines and everyone is talking about this. Be with our page and grasp all the updates and details about the whole matter.

Who was Luca Itvai? How Did He Die, What Happened To Him Cause Of Death

Who was Luca Itvai?

After that, at the spot Luca appeared and tried to protect his mother and then, Pietro pierced him in the throat and escaped from the spot and the body of the 22-year-old was founded in Jupille which is in Belgium. A few hours after escaping, Pietro moved to the Belgian police and pivoted himself in and now, he has been in the custody of police and has confessed to the offence in act of the police officials. Madeleine got minor wounds and is reportedly existing getting treatment for it and many of the popular stars from TikTok have newly passed away such as Gabriel Salazar along with many more.

Apart from this case, Pietro has reportedly been comprehended for violent deeds in history as well and Madeleine had earlier registered a complaint on Pietro in the year 2013 because of his fierce demeanour. The first deputy of the prosecutor of the King named Renaud Xhonous stated that a case which, given the lesser gravity of the facts, had been closed without further action and as per the statement of Madeleine, Pietro arrived at her house carrying the purpose of murdering her and committing suicide and Pietro flew in a Fiat 500 Abarth after murdering and stabbing Luca, before committing his crime in front of the police on the evening of Wednesday.

Who was Luca Itvai? How Did He Die, What Happened To Him Cause Of Death

Talking about who was Luca Itvai then he was basically from Sicily and he left Italy and transferred to Belgium, where he began his content creation career and was born carrying the name of Lucas Pisciotto, was the TikTok content creator was comprehended for lip-syncing, dance, and comedy clips and gardened around 1.6 million followers on TikTok and 135k followers on her official Instagram. Stay tuned with us for more information about this.

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