Who Was Melody Ivie? Farmington Mass Shooting Obituary And Death, Family

The breaking news is coming from Farmington, where three people dead in a massive shoot. According to the sources, in a massive shoot three people dead and two were found injured. The Farmington shoot news is going viral on social media and getting a lot of attention. This news is searched by people in huge quantities. The shoot was seen in Farmington, New Mexico. This news is circulating on the internet and making huge controversy. People are very excited to know who was the shooter. Who was Melody Ivie? People have many quarries regarding this news. If you want to know the complete information about this news, continue with this page until the end. Let’s read in detail.

Who Was Melody Ivie?

As per Farmington police officer reports, in a massive shoot three people dead and two injured. According to the reports, an 18-year-old gunman has been taken into custody for targeting a car and a house. This incident happened in Farmington, New Mexico. In this shoot, three people lost their life. The identity of the shooter is revealed by the police department. The shooter’s name is Beau Wilson who is 18 years old and a student. He is a student at Farmington high school. He was responsible for the massive shoot which happened on Tuesday.

Who Was Melody Ivie?

After the investigation, the 18-year-old shooter did not specific target for the shooting. He had not confirmed a motive for the shooting which happened on Tuesday. further, the shooter was living within the neighborhood. The shooting happened where he was living in the neighborhood. As per reports, the shooting happened around 10:56 am. The 18 years old shooter used multiple firearms which cause the three dead. He used for shooting “AR-style rifle”. The accident happened near Ute and North Dustin Streets. As per Deputy Chief Kyle Dowdy, the gunman is 18 years old and did multiple open fires.

If we talk about Melody Ivie, she was 73 years old woman. She lost her life in this shoot. She was one of the victims of this massive shooting. She was a very kind nature woman and known for her spontaneous visits to her friends. Bonnie Kennedy is a close friend of Melody Ivie. Bonnie Kennedy was a Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints member. During the shooting, the 73 years old woman was with her mother. Her mother was 97 years old. In this massive shooting, Melody Ivie’s mother also lost her life. In this shooting, three people lost their life name as Shirley Voita, Melody Ivie, and Gwendolyn. If we get any other information about this news we will update you on the same site.

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