Who Was Nikita Washington Detroit? Detroit Grandmother is Left to Raise 12 Children After Daughter Dies

We are sharing the recent news of the death of a woman Nikita Washington, who died while giving birth to her 12th child. Yes viewers, you are reading right, we are informing you about the lady, who died after giving birth to her 12th child, Nathaniel. The recent news is flooding the internet. The woman has left her twelve children behind to be taken care of. When we come across unusual stories around the corners of the world, we get triggered by the cultures of the particular country, and the problems faced by the people there. Read out the whole article to be familiar with the new real story.

Who Was Nikita Washington Detroit?

It has been a topic of conversation throughout the world now that Who is Nikita Washington Detroit? As we are in the world of information flow, we come to know about the happenings in the world at every instant. As per the sources, Nikita Washington was a Detroit mother, who was admitted to Detroit’s Hutzel Hospital for her delivery. The news is from Detroit in Michigan, USA. Due to her passing, her mother Patricia Pouncey is devastated and shattered by the demise of her daughter. Patricia Pouncey, the grandmother of 12 children is in great suffering by her daughter’s loss as she has to take care of her 12 grandchildren now.

Who Was Nikita Washington Detroit?

The deceased mother, Nikita Washington was an African American woman, who became a sensational topic after her death. According to her mother, Nikita was going through a hard time as her husband was in prison for some time and she was the only one who was raising her children. Even she was visiting the hospital alone for her appointments. Patricia Pouncey, the mother of the deceased woman regrets not taking her to the hospital. Even on the day of childbirth, she could not be with her daughter. As her daughter was not telling her about the complications she was facing.

It is in the reports that Nikita went through internal bleeding and needed a ventilator. But she could not be saved as she had multiple C-sections previously. It is known now that Nikita gave birth to her 12th child on December 22 and died after giving birth to the child. Nikita’s mother recalls her daughter as a warm and compassionate person. She was married twice. Her first husband passed away a few years ago, and now the second husband is in jail. We have shared the whole story of the deceased woman. We will be back with more news from the corners of the world. Stay tuned………

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