Who Was Pandit Prabhakar Dhakade? Famous Indian Musician & Composer Dies

Who Was Pandit Prabhakar Dhakade? Famous Indian Musician & Composer Dies:- Pandit Prabhakar Dhakade, who was n violin maestro, renowned musician, and composer of several Hindi and other language songs has sadly passed away. It is saddened to announce that the great singer and musician has gone from this world too soon. Being a popular musician, he was considered as a Guruji in the community. Since the news of his death was announced, many people and his beloved ones took their social media handles to pay him tributes and give him deep condolence. Well, there is no information that how did he die and what was the reason behind his sudden death.

Who Was Pandit Prabhakar Dhakade Famous Indian Musician & Composer Dies

Famous Indian Musician Pandit Prabhakar Dhakade Dies

According to the sources, the famous musician Surmani Pandit Prabhakar Dhakade died due to his age-related complications. Some of the reports say that Pandit Prabhakar Dhakade Ji died on January 7, 2023, at around 06:30 PM at his home. It is not easy to forget the great musician of Indian culture. After the news of his death came out officially, many of his fans and loved ones are praying for his soul. We don’t have much information regarding to his sudden passing but some of the sources claimed that he was at his elder age and it could be the reason behind his sudden death.

Adv Priyadarshi Telang also took his Twitter handles and wrote with a black and white picture of Pandit Prabhakar Dhakade,” Pandit Prabhakar Dhakade, an acclaimed violin maestro, renowned musician & composer demise is sad, it is a huge loss, my deep condolences”. Another side, Bhusban Gajbhiye wrote,” On 7th Jan 2023 at 06:30 PM Famous Musician Surmani, Pandit Prabhakar Dhakade Vice President musician federation of India & famous Classical Violinist is no more. The funeral will be start at 11:00hrs on 8th Jan 2023 from his Utkarsh Niwas Sadar residence to Mokshdham Ghatroad Nagpur.

Many people want to attend his last rite and give him a last tribute. As per the sources, the cremation of the musician will be held today. It is hard to believe that we have lost a great musician and singer too soon. Now, the entire family is going through a very difficult time. Another tweet wrote,” We lost today Sahaja Yogi Suramani Pandit Prabhakar Dhakade Guruji, a great musician, composer, and violinist. Being a pillar of Sahaja Music, he composed so many Bhajans and taught music to so many sahaja yogis. Let’s all pray to Shri Mataji to accept his soul in Her Lotus feet”.

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