Who Was Ruben Fuentes? Composer Of ‘La Bikania’ Passed Away At 95 Cause Of Death Reason Explained!

Who Was Ruben Fuentes? Composer Of ‘La Bikania’ Passed Away At 95 Cause Of Death Reason Explained! The Mexican composer and musician, Ruben Fuentes, has reportedly passed away. The news has surged a spate on the internet. People are showing their grieves on the death of Ruben Fuentes on the internet. According to the sources, the musician heaved his last sigh on Saturday, 5th February 2022. The news has created an atmosphere of mourning among his family members, friends and other close relatives.

Ruben Fuentes Death

There was a rush outside his residence on the day of his demise. People are sharting the posts about his passing away on various social media platforms and mentioning sorrow in the form of comments as a gesture of paying homage. It is said that he had guided several artists of the Mexican music industry and many of them are stars of the Mexican music industry at the present time. Earlier, the news was concerning to be a lie.

Who Was Ruben Fuentes?

Later, the news was confirmed by the Society of Authors and Composers of Mexico on its official Twitter account. It has also been mentioned in the post that Ruben Fuentes had the skill of knowing the inner voice of people. There is no information available about his funeral rits’ ceremony. We will update it for the readers as soon as we get the information. He was a classical musician; therefore, he always supported classical music in his country.

Cause of death

The news of the death of Ruben Fuentes has put the Mexican music industry under grief. He lost his life at the age of 95 years. As soon as the news come to the media then people initiated asking for the reason for his death. People are looking forward to getting to know the cause of his passing away. There are several rumours on the internet about the cause of his demise.

Some people consider his death to be a natural phenomenon whereas some people are thinking that he lost his life due to any medical condition. However; the family of Ruben Fuentes has yet not expressed the phenomenon of his death. His death cause is ambiguous as of now. May God give his soul a place to rest in peace.

Who was Ruben Fuentes?

He was a renowned and respected musician and composer in Mexico. He was born in Ciudad Guzmán, Jalisco, Mexico on 15th February 1926. He was a classical violinist. He is credited for his contribution to the development of Mariachi music in Mexico.

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