Who Was Sacheen Littlefeather? Activist who Took Stage to Decline Marlon Brando’s Oscar dead

Sacheen Littlefeather, an activist who declined Marlon Brando’s Oscar at the Academy awards passed away on 2nd October 2022. She was a famous actress who had done an immense role in films and won the hearts of people. Her death news shocked the people and now people are paying her tribute also, social media is filled with her death news. Many people don’t know about her and we have shared detailed information which includes family background, cause of her death, tributes and many other things. So, if you are here to know the same, let’s have a look in the next section.

who was Sacheen Littlefeather

She was born on 14th November 1946 in the U.S. In an interview she told about her childhood that how she lived alone at the age of 4 when her parents were separated and her sisters and mother suffered a lot from physical abuse and many other things. She lived with her grandparents and she was kept in foster care. Her two younger sisters also suffered from the same. She attended North Salinas High School where she received awards in home economics degree and later she started her modelling career.

Who Was Sacheen Littlefeather?

If we talk about his family, so his mother’s name was Geraldine Marie Barntiz and her father’s name was Manuel Ybarra Cruz. They both were separated later when she was just 4 and if we talk about marital status, so yes she was married to Charles Koshiway but her husband dies in the late 70s and it is believed that she was blessed with two children but there is no confirmation on this news. His husband was a soldier in the army and fought in the Vietnam War which was held in 1992.

How Did Sacheen Littlefeather Die?

She died on 2nd October 2022 and at the age of 4, she came to know that she is having tuberculosis and she had health issues. At the age of 29, her lungs collapsed and at that, and she took care of her health and recovered from the radical cancer surgery. In an article, it was mentioned that she also had colon cancer and in 2018, she was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2021 in an interview, she told that her cancer has reached her right lung. She died at her home while taking treatment for the same. We give our thoughts to her family and may her soul rest in peace.

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