Who Was Shyam Yadav? Hyderabad Man Shyam Yadav Collapses While Playing Badminton

Another horrific news from Hyderabad caught the attention of the newsreader after a man from the city died while playing badminton at the Professor Jayashankar Indoor Stadium. Yes, the person has been identified as Shyam Yadav who collapsed while playing badminton at the stadium. According to the sources, a 38-year-old man died on Tuesday, February 28, 2023. The reports say that this was one of the fifth such incidents in Telangana in the last two weeks in that a person died due to a heart attack. Since the incident took place in the stadium, people of the community is eager to know about the incident.

Who Was Shyam Yadav

As per the reports, the deceased has been identified as Shyam Yadav, who belongs to the Malkajgiri suburb of Hyderabad, and the entire incident was caught on a camera installed in the stadium. As per the CCTV footage that shows the entire incident, Mr. Yadav lying on the floor on the badminton court, and several people who were present at that time checking to see if he is breathing. Several people claim he could have been saved if life-saving cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) had been given to him. Unfortunately, the emergency services couldn’t save him at that time.

Who Was Shyam Yadav?

Shyam Yadav’s brother said that he was a passionate sportsman who participated in several sports games such as badminton, cricket, and other sports as well during his life. If we talk about his profession so, he worked for a private company and loved to play every day after his work. Well, the exact cause of death is not confirmed yet but based on the pattern of the recent incidents, cardiac arrest is thought to be the reason for his sudden death.

In recent days, several reports of this incident have been reported in which fit and healthy people have collapsed and died due to heart-related issues. This is fifth such incident in the last few days and before this, a boy who was 19, collapsed and died while dancing at the wedding of a relative in Telangana. As per the reports, the incident took place in Pardi village, Nirmal district, which is about 200 km from Hyderabad.

The quite same incident took place on February 20 when a man died in a Haldi ceremony in Hyderabad. He collapsed and died on the spot. The video showed that the man collapsed on the floor as he bent forward to apply Haldi¬†to the groom’s feet.

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