Who will win in the Bundesliga this season?

Who will win in the Bundesliga this season?: After half of the season of the Bundesliga, it seemed that Borussia would be able to end the long-term hegemony of Bayern. But by the end of winter, the gap was reduced to a minimum, so in the spring we can expect to see the decisive battle for gold medals.

Both the confident performance of Bayern and a number of Borussia misfires had their impact. It can be clearly seen that in February Dortmund was not in its best condition, which was also confirmed by a major 3-0 defeat from Tottenham in the Champions League, although it is hard to say that the Spurs were a cut above their rivals.

Borussias performance in the Bundesligas matches is also not so impressive, but recently the results began to change for the better rapidly. It is possible that this is the beginning of the transformation of the team. Among its trump cards are:

  1. Mindset and motivation. Borussia has not become a champion for several years in a row, so now the team is hungry for victories. This is clearly seen on the football field, because in almost every match the club gives its all at 100%.
  2. Individual skills of the leaders.
  3. Long bench. Thanks to this, Lucien Favre can actively use the rotation and let only the strongest athletes at this stage play.

Thanks to this, the fans can well expect that the results of matches with the participation of their favorites will improve quickly. The defeat in the Champions League can also be partly to the advantage of the German club, because it will be able to focus on the domestic arena.

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In many ways, Borussia is the team of mood, and it affects the results of the club greatly. Obviously, the team just needs to get some stability in order to not only demonstrate bright and attacking football from time to time, but also to be ready for such a game for 90 minutes.

On the fscore website, you can find the results of the recent matches of the team and see for yourself that it does not always have enough stability, which is very important in football as a whole. However, not only Borussia suffers because of this problem. There are only a few rounds left until the end of the season, so right now it is necessary to demonstrate the skills in order to really count on winning a silver bowl. Visit our site, and you will always know who, in the end, would have enough luck, and which team will lift the coveted trophy above their heads.