Whoa! Marvel will feature LGBT character in the next movie series

Whoa! Marvel will feature LGBT character in the next movie series :- Kevin Feige, president of the Marvel studio, has revealed the movies franchise will feature about lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender character “in the next decade or sooner”. Feige’s comment came within days of the historic day, in which same sex marriage got legalized in the entire United States, reported Collider.

marvel LGBT character

Well, there is no actual plan in place to include such a character in any of the movies scheduled, Feige suggested that it would be a certainty at some stage.

“Well in the drawing board going up to 2019 it remains to be seen,” he said.

“The comics always make the path that we get to have the fun of saying, ‘Yeah let’s choose this way or let’s choose this way’, and I think there are a lot of cool things happening in the comics now that – it’s usually a five to ten-year cycle between when something happens in the comics and when we can do it in the movie, sometimes a little less, but Civil War is certainly about the ten-year mark.

Winter Soldier, I think, was around that time”, Feige added further.

Although, recently the honorable Supreme Court of the U.S. allowed same sex marriage after lot of discussion. So, if the meantime if Kevin Feiga would make a film about LGBT there is no problem actually.

Fiega already made films like X-Man, Spider Man, Dare Devils, Hulk, Spider Man 3, Thor and so on.

His last hit film as a producer was Avengers: age of Ultrone and Ant-Man. Among these Avengers: age of Ultrone was super hit. However, Ant-Man was also successful movie. Robert Jr. Downey and Chris Evan starrer film Avengers: age of Ultrone is highest grossing Hollywood movie behind Fast and Furious. Downey’s movie was a super hero movie which brought wholesome entertainment.

Anyway, in India same sex marriage is still not allowed but our nation witness so many movies regarding this topic. Like My Brother Nikhil starring Sanjay Suri and Juhi Chawla or Girlfriend starring Isha Kopikar and Amrita Arora.

Karan Johar’s Dharma production movie Dostana tries to depict the same topic in comical way, starring John Abraham, Abhishek Bachchan and Priyankla Chopra.

In India same sex marriage topic is always matter of discussion anyway.


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