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5 Useful Reasons Why a Robust Grammar Checker is Highly Essential!!

Grammar, punctuations and correct framing of words are the backbone of an English sentence. Whenever you are doing formal writing, blog posts, books, essays, or even publishing any user-centric content, it is important that your sentences are free of grammatical errors with correct punctuations and proper spelling. Grammatical mistakes can degrade your position, and even make you lose your job since English is the most important language all over the world and misuse of that makes you a victim of mockery.

Hence to get 100% assurance, online free grammar checker tools are the best choice. One of the best user-friendly free grammar checking tools is ‘Grammarly’.

All About Grammarly

It is an online grammar checker that not only corrects your grammatical mistakes but, also punctuations, spacing, sentence enhancement, choice of words and writing style. Grammarly free trial version helps in spelling, punctuation, grammar, and plagiarism checking while the premium version gives a detailed analysis report of Updated words, phrases, sentence enhancement, style improvement, plagiarism detection along with grammar checking. Grammarly also easily integrates with any kind of browser like Chrome, Firefox, Explorer, Safari, etc.

Importance of a Robust/Strong Grammar Checking tool  

Robust grammar checking tools like Grammarly, Ginger, Hemingway App, Whitesmoke and ProWritingAid ensures a quick and effective thorough grammar checking to make your work ready for publish. You need these tools due to the following 5 reasons:-

  1. Handy for the students and professionals

The online grammar checking tools help students improve their writing skills by making them learn new vocabulary, advanced sentence constructions, proper usage of grammars, and punctuations. For professionals like teachers, professors, writers, and working employees, the tool comes handy for checking through several documents, perfectly typing official emails, blog posts, promotional contents, and books.

  1. Prevents Duplicacy

Plagiarism or Duplicacy is a dangerous threat for the professional writers and bloggers as it destroys the originality of the content. A robust grammar checker tool easily identifies the plagiarized portions in your written content by highlighting them and also identifies the source generating the plagiarism. As a result, writers can correct the duplicate portions and write the sentences uniquely so that their content is 100% original.

  1. Sentence Enhancement

Many times you will find your sentences are grammatically correct but lack readability. Strong Grammar checking tools like Grammarly, Ginger, Prowriting Aid, etc do a quality check of your written content and helps you with suggestive words and phrases to enhance the construction of the sentences. Any quality content should be informative, readable and grammatically perfect which a robust online grammar checker assures you.

  1. Improves Vocabulary

Very few people have that much strong-hold in English to know about the synonyms of different words and use them strategically in sentences. Online grammar checkers proofreads your content and suggests you with synonyms and different updated words to improve your English vocabulary. This helps in giving a high-end writing value to your content.

  1. Builds Confidence and better business relations

The quick and efficient ways of the online grammar checkers to proofread your content and correct them instantly actually helps in developing your confidence as your writing output has high readability and is absolutely error-free. This builds up your professional reputation and encourages many clients to take an interest in you and your organization.


A robust Grammar checker comes as an all in one solution for high-end professional writing. It is a must requirement for all bloggers, writers, and professionals for quality work.