Why Is Darren Sammy Wearing A ‘Mukut’? Cricketer Was Seen In Golden Mukut

Why Is Darren Sammy Wearing A ‘Mukut’? Cricketer Was Seen In Golden Mukut:- Recently, Darren Sammy is being viral on social media platforms for one of his pictures. In the viral photo of Darren Sammy, he is seen to be wearing a Mukut before the green curtain. There is a huge fan following for the Former West Indies Captain Darren Sammy in India, and there are chances that Darren Sammy is wearing the Mukut because of some reasons that may also be related to the country. While Darren Sammy was in India, he had lifted the T20 World Cup in his captaincy. He had also played his last international match on the soil of India.

Why Is Darren Sammy Wearing A 'Mukut' Cricketer Was Seen In Golden Mukut Picture Full Video Viral Ad Details Wife Career Saint Lucian Career Reason Behind Pics

Why Is Darren Sammy Being Viral On Social Media?

Currently, Darren Sammy is being viral on social media platforms because of one of his pictures in which he is seen to be wearing a Mukut. However, there has not been any information, about him being seen to be wearing the Mukut, but there are a lot of rumors about him since the photos are being viral.
Even there have been rumors that Darren Sammy is seen to be wearing the Mukut, cause he would be considering starting his career in Bollywood or in an OTT platform. All the fans and admirers are eagerly waiting for an official statement from the player to announce why he is seen to be wearing the Mukut.

Know More About Darren Sammy

Darren Sammy had been the brand ambassador of the sports for a long period of time in 2021. There has been a long history of Darren Sammy and India along with the cricket players of India. Darren Sammy is known to be the first person who played international cricket from the island of St. Lucia, who had later been the path breaker, and now if there comes news that he has again been a path breaker, then it is not going to be much surprised for us.

Darren Sammy celebrates his birthday on the 20th of December every year. He was born in 1983 in Micoud, Saint Lucia, in the Caribbean. Darren Sammy comes from a religious household, and in one of his interviews, Darren shared that his mother wanted him to be a pastor at the local Adventist Church. In the year 2010, Darren Sammy got married to Cathy Daniel. Darren Sammy is blessed with four children named Darren, Darjhan, Skai, and Xzavier Reign. He is known to be a philanthropist, and before some times he has also opened a foundation of his name that provides financial support to needy young players.

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