Why Katrina Kaif Suddenly Goes Missing from Bollywood ?

Why Katrina Kaif Suddenly Goes Missing from Bollywood ? : Here the latest and shocking news for the fans of Katrina Kaif, that she is suddenly missing from today morning and Bollywood has come to an standstill at this news. There has been so many attempts has been done to reach to Katrina’s manager and Katrina too, but their phones are constantly unavailable. Social media is abuzz with this news as #KatrinaMissing is currently trending on the internet. Worried fans are posting their messages on social media and are praying for her well being. Everyone just wants the diva to come back home safely. While on this trend some people are reacting on it and is saying that this must be a public stunts, or another marketing gimmick. Which movie this time & how bad is it that u had 2 resort 2 this?. Let us talk about this sudden missing of Katrina in detail below this article.

Katrina Goes Missing from Bollywood

Katrina Goes Missing from Bollywood

Katrina Goes Missing from Bollywood

The news of Katrina missing has spread all across the country. Katrina’s fans and well-wishers are worried about her and concerned about her safty and whereabouts. Although no one is known about the main reason of missing of Katrina and no idea on what place she is or could be.

Sources reveal that she had been planning to travel to a secret location, but, the exact information regarding her plans is not available. Echoing similar sentiments was a certain Prakash Dalvi (name changed to protect identity), who told Bollywood Hungama, that, “I saw Katrina madam speaking to one Mr. Sagar Jadhav from Ratnagiri, asking him about the directions to reach there. Although, I am not sure as to why she wanted to go to Ratnagiri.” Dalvi, like everyone else, seemed to be really worried about Katrina’s safety and was also a bit puzzled about her connection with Ratnagiri, of all the places in the world. At the same time, even the identity of Sagar Jadhav is yet to be established, and also his connection (in case) with Katrina going missing.

Investigation on the missing of Katrina has been started and the investigation team are trying their best level to solve it out. They are trying to track on Katrina’s Phone and her manager as well. Meanwhile, her well-wishers are sincerely hoping and praying about the safe return of Katrina.




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