Why Pastor Artur Pawlowski Arrested, What Are The Charges Details Explained!

A piece of news is viral all over the internet and coming straight from Alberta which is in Canada where Pastor Artur Pawlowski along with his brother named Dawid has been detained one more time by the officers. The arresting news of the brothers comes with a serious talk for all of them and it becomes a viral topic for discussion for all. The news of their arrest collected all the headlines and gathered all the headlines. The users of the internet are eager to know the reason behind their arresting and this is the second time when the brother got arrested by the Candian police. Pastor Artur Pawlowski was arrested again the video is circulating on all the internet and watched thousands of times by the users. The second time arrest of the brothers becomes a serious topic for talk for all, so stick with our page to collect all the information and details about the arresting of the brothers.

Why Pastor Artur Pawlowski Arrested

In the last year, Pastor collected all the headlines with his arresting and now, New Year has arrived and once again his arresting news gathered all the headlines and becomes a serious topic for all to discuss. In the last year, Pastor was charged with the persecutions and now, one more time, he is dragging in the same charges. This time the government of Alberta of Canada is charging the brothers for the abusive, anti-Christian, along with biased reports of things. He was grasped and won the major court of victory, where draconian retribution on him was discontinued.

After that, the government of the city banned the brothers and pastor for not giving any type of speeches and talks regarding the lockdown as they stated earlier. The court and political agenda stated to Pastor to not take care of public health and this is a political penalty to the citizens from the political detainees. Now, talking about his arrest then it is assumed that one of his abusive statements becomes and might be a reason for his arrest this time.

After seeing all this, it is clear that the authorities are taking revenge on him by detaining Pastor Artur Pawlowski along with his brother named Dawid. The lawyer named Sarah Miller is the main attorney who fought for them and she is attempting and giving her best to provide them with the justice which they are faced for a very long time. Let’s see what will be going to be next in the case, till then stay tuned with us.

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