Why Ranveer Singh is Insecure over Shahid Kapoor’s Entry in Padmavati

Why Ranveer Singh is Insecure over Shahid Kapoor’s Entry in Padmavati : The Sanjay Leela’s Bhansali has now achieved tremendous success in last few years, especially when his Bajirao Masstani did the tremendous business at the box office.


Sanjay not only gave a superhit movie in the form of Bajirao Mastaani, but he also discovered a lovable on screen couple of Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh, which are even a real couple in life.

This forced, Sanjay Leela Banshali to cast both of them in his next upcoming flick Padmavati. But, now the news are coming out that Sanjay is really upset with Ranveer Singh.

The reason behind Sanjay’s being upset from Ranveer Singh is the Ranveer Singh’s demand of narration of the story and dialogues of Padmavati movie.

According to the close sources of Ranveer Singh, he is the bit insecure about his role in this movie. Ranveer Singh, the first time in his life will play the negative role in Padmavati and that why he is super conscious about his role.

Meanwhile, the other insecurity for Ranveer is the inclusion of Shahid Kapoor in the movie Padmavati, who will play the role of Rana of Mewar, Raja Rawal Ratan Singh, who is also Padmavati’s (Deepika Padukone) husband in the film.”

Although, the close source to Ranveer Singh informed media wing that Ranvir Singh is really worried about his role in Padmavati as he did not want to destroy his good boy image.

On the other side, Shahid Kapoor immediately signed the Padma after understanding his role. But, Ranveer asked Sanjay to narrate his story lines.

The close source of Ranveer informed media wing that Ranveer’s worries are absolutely right as he has never played the negative role and his movie has not done well, whenever he opted to work with multi star movies like “Gunday” and “Dil Dhakne Do.”

Meanwhile, Sanjay Leela Bansali is agreed to narrate his lines and dialogues for Padmavati, even he will also narrate the story line of Shahid Kapoor’s role in Padvamanti.

Ranveer also demanded to listen to the Arjun Kapoor’s line and dialogues in the movie Gunday and only after that he signed that movie.

Well, it looks like Ranveer now want to play more careful in choosing a movie as he is now the rising star of Bollywood and many talks are three that currently, he is the best actor in Bollywood.