Why Was Ashley Barkis Arrested? Woman in anti-Asian Car Incident Video Explained!

Ashley Barkis Racist, A California woman is being heavily criticized after she made racist remarks at a man in response to a car collision. Recently the news is going viral over the internet. And with that entire world get to know about the Viral news. Everyone is looking for the video over the internet. The moment the video is uploaded over the internet it’s gone viral. Everyone is searching for viral news. Here in this article, we will talk about the new recent viral news. As per readers like to know more about viral news. Keep following the article to know more about the viral news.

Why Was Ashley Barkis Arrested

Ashley Barkis is said to be a social media influencer and content creator from the United States of America. Her name has remained in the media prominence for the past few days. Barkis went viral on multiple social media platforms when a video of her verbally and physically attacking the man in response to the four-car collision was shared. Although the man did not cause the collision, Ashley directed her anger toward him since his car collided with hers. On the other hand, the man was seen with scratches and marks on his skin.This left many people thinking that he faced those scratches during the altercation with Ashley, but it has not been confirmed yet. As we know, Ashley is going viral for the accident, but everyone is angry towards her for making racial comments to the man. In the same way, Ashley has also released an apology video, but everyone wants the lady to be arrested soon.

Why Was Ashley Barkis Arrested?

Many social media users are claiming that Californian woman Ashley Barkis is a racist as she made a racist remark to a man in response to a recent car collision. On May 18, 2023, a TikTok user shared a video where Barkis was seen violently charging an Asian man and his family for hitting her car. In the video, we can see Ashely being rude with her approach. Not only that, but she even asked the man about his driving license and if he was even legal to be in the USA. Ashley Barkis made an apology video following an accident and claimed she is not a racist.

Ashley Barkis has not been arrested, but everyone on social media is demanding her arrest due to the recent accident. It is said that she may get arrested and charged soon. Everyone wants Ashley Barkis to get arrested for her racial comment about a man involved in an accident with her. Due to that, everyone is stunned by her behavior and demands her arrest. A Twitter user recently posted a video of a person named Tracy Blackwell being charged with four charges after a road rage incident. The Twitter user linked the incident with Barkis and waited for the lady to get arrested. As of now, the Police department has not released any statement, but they may be aware of the ongoing situation. For further information stay tuned with us.

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