Why Was Josh Alexander Arrested? Calgary After Fight Breaks Out at Protest

The breaking news is coming that a school student has been arrested. He is arrested because he was involved in a fight that happened outside a high school. The boy has been taken into custody. This news is going viral on social media and getting a lot of attention.  He was arrested in Calgary. This news is grabbing the attention of the viewers on the internet. The boy was arrested in Calgary name is Josh Alexander. He is a high school student. People are searching for this news in huge quantities. If you want to know the complete information about this news, continue with this page until the end and read the full article.

Why Was Josh Alexander Arrested?

According to the sources, the Calgary police service arrests Josh Alexander. As per reports, he is a student of Joseph’s Catholic High School. He is reading in 11 standards. He was in a confrontation with counterprotesters. This video is circulating on the internet. The viral video shows how the Calgary police service led Josh Alexander away in handcuffs after he was surrounded by a mob of LGBTQ activists. Moreover, he was being shoved around by a group of protesters before a handful of law enforcement officials intervene.  Josh Alexander’s viral video was shared on social media platforms by Rebel News.

Why Was Josh Alexander Arrested?

According to the sources, the police officer handcuffed him and led away him from the scene. That is not the first time, Alexander has been detained by police. Alexander was first arrested earlier this year while on school property after he was suspended by St. Joseph’s Catholic High School in Renfrew, Ontario. Josh Alexander is now in trouble. He stated that there were only two genders. When he was in grade 11 he said that “I gave up is nothing, we have to talk about those who gave up more and who fought. We have talked about those who died for our freedoms.

Josh Alexander starts this biological male-entering-female washroom protest in November. Further, he was suspended from his school for doing protest during class debates. In the video, you can see how people are pushing Josh Alexander. He was hit by two men and entered into the crowd. You can also see in the video how Josh is shouting at Monty Walker. His mind is set like he thinks that God send him to the earth to proclaim the truth. He is trying to teach about their gender design. If we get any other information about this news we will update you on the same site.

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