Will JNU Crisis Lead to the Tragic End of Narendra Modi or NaMo Era ?

Will JNU Crisis Lead to the Tragic End of Narendra Modi or NaMo Era ? :- New Delhi: A man who was charged with sedition charges, tortured and jailed yet his speech get nation wide attention and wide media coverage. We think we don’t even need to name as all of us know none other than JNU’s student president Kanhaiya Kumar.

Kanhaiya vs modi

Will JNU Crisis lead to the tragic end of Narendra Modi’s


Is the JNU Criais is just a beginning of the End of the NDA’S Regime.??

 A Big Question?

By Deepak Singh

What a misfortune of the the nation that Afzal Guru who was convicted in parliament terrorist attack in 2001. After the conviction was proved, he was hanged in 2013 in Tihar Jail under top secrecy operation by the government due to security reasons. To mark his martyrdom, a group of student lead by Kanhaiya Kumar and Umar Khalid organized an event on 9 Feb, 2016 and shouted anti-national slogans and the rest is history.

After his release following 23 days in jail, he gave a rousing speech at JNU which reflected rare maturity, humour and a deep commitment to freeing India of caste, poverty, corruption and such evils. It was just like a promise of greatness that was about to be presented in its full glory.

But the question arises here is that “Is it a beginning of the end of Narendra Modi’s Era??? ”

But what will be remembered for long time; Is it the incident? Is it the matter concerning? Is it the people concerned? The answer to these questions is not so easy but the speech by Kanhaiya will be considered to one of the best speech made by any student leader. India definitely needs to save its’ soul from being consumed by hyper nationalism devoid of any rationality.

The speech simply relies us that the country is not just a land but its people,that true nationalism lies in embracing all the people. This attack between the nationalist and anti-nationalists ideology couldn’t have come at a better time as well.

The speech revealed that a young student leader is pregnant with possibilities. The wide media coverage has made a local leader to become a national leader. It is just a mistaken identity. Today, how many people know the names of those soldiers who sacrifice their lives for the nation but everyone knows Kanhaiya Kumar.

Not Kanhaiya.

From a person who is a son of the poor farmer family from one of the backward state of India. He won the JNU student election despite contesting from an organization (AISF) which had little base on the campus. He won as people were impressed, his skills and his commitment. Students of JNU described him as person who is ever ready to help others.

Thus, it is not hard to say that a nation has discovered a new leader in Kanhaiya. Now he carried a burden of restoring his image in JNU. That University whose mere symbol for a larger struggle-the struggle for India’s soul.

In the country, where almost 68yrs the government was in hand of one of the oldest party of the nation, Congress and its allies. The nation has seen a change in name of PM Narendra Modi. Development becomes a issue for the first time after Nehru and Indira era.

But the whole incident of JNU controversy supported by the leftist ideology. The join hands of AAP Chief Arvind Kejriwal and Congress Vice-President Rahul Gandi along with Sitaram Yechury who is General Secretary of CPI (M) makes the whole issue so complicated that clearly saying anything will be a wrong idea.

This has raised a big question, “Is it will lead to the tragic end of Narendra Modi’s Era???”  The government’s targeting of JNU was calculated a bid attack to the idea of secular India, a land where substantial segment of population will have to constantly keep proving their loyalty by the victim survivors.

The rise of student politics with competent leaders can significantly transform our political space. With new blood bringing in new ideas will definitely lead to profile our political leaders may change even bringing an end to dynasty politics.

Working for the left:

Alternatively, if Kanhaiya concentrates on working for left, with his fame, youthful appeal, ability to communicate complex message in simple words and language that is understand by the masses.

A glimpse of this possibility was seen when in his viral speech as well as press conference, he drew parallel between the red (communism) and blue (Ambedkar movement) when he declared Rohit Vemeula as his hero.

Prove to be Modi’s  opponent

Two of the possibilities will definitely prove true; either Kanhaiya may prove to be a big headache for Modi. When pitted against Modi, Kanhaiya will attack at the Chai wala image of PM. As PM Modi becomes so effective card against Gandhi and UPA works because of Chai wala image.

There is much a possibility that Kanhaiya will tarnish PM Modi’s image of being a Chai Wala to the PM of the world’s largest democracy as Kanhaiya is also a son of very poor farmer family from one of the backward state of India. From a son of poor farmer to JNU student’s president. He now becomes a public figure.

Already with growing possibilities Kanhaiya has a stage ready to promote this narrative. So if the Kanhaiya phenomena prove to be sustainable, historians will note JNU crisis as the event which marked the beginning of the end of NaMo era. The answer lies in the faith of time only. We have to wait and watch.

(The thoughts and opinions expressed in the article are writer’s personal opinion and doesn’t mean to hurt anyone)