Will Pragya succeed this time? “Kumkum Bhagya” 11th February 2016 Written updates

Will Pragya succeed this time? “Kumkum Bhagya” 11th February 2016 Written updates :- The last night episode of the TV serial “Kumkum Bhagya” starts with Abhi is going to the Sarla’s house. Abhi is sceptical that Sarla might have not been kidnapped as still now the kidnappers didn’t call us yet. Abhi said that probably Sarla Aunty has been missing and we need to do complain now.


Kumkum Bhagya 11th February 2016 Written updates

Now Abhi goes near the car with Dadi. Abhi said to Dadi that it is difficult to understand Pragya as she took everything but never did anything bad with me and my family. Dadi said to Abhi that you are a kind hearted person that’s why you feel bad for her.

Now Pragya is in mission to keep eyes on Tanu and her activities. She called Purab to discuss the further plan in the morning and to find out the person who is actually helping Tanu in her evil deeds.

Now Pragya and Purab decided to make a video call and to store the conversations of Tanu when she is talking with her boyfriend. So Purab follow Tanu in the morning by hiding there, and Pragya called Tanu from the backside.

Pragya pretends to be like blackmailer and speaks in phone with Tanu like the blackmailer. And Purab movie all the video of Tanu, while she was speaking as per planned between him and Pragya.

Now Pragya makes Tanu scared by saying that whom they kidnapped Sarla is not the black mailer, black mailer now actually in the phone. Pragya also said to Tanu that now she is going to send a parcel to Abhi which will be disclosing Tanu.

Tanu get scared and call Nikhil. Tanu explain him everything and Nikhil fixed a meeting with her in an isolated area in the evening. Purab and Pragya witnessed the all.

In the mean time, a courier boy arrived in the Mehra house with a parcel in the name of Abhi. Tanu get scared and try to take the parcel but Pragya comes and take the parcel and handover it to Mitali. Tanu gets tensed.

Meanwhile, Abhi meets with the commissioner and try his best to make Sarla free. Eventually, Abhi arrived in the home and Mitali handover the parcel to the Abhi which comes in the Abhi’s name.

Tanu get shocked and now Abhi is about to open the parcel. Tanu recalled the blackmailer’s words and get anxious.