Will Ringing Bells Freedom 251 Smartphone start Delivery from today?

Will Ringing Bells Freedom 251 Smartphone start Delivery from today? : Ringing Bells, which launched Freedom 251 smartphone in February for Rs. 251, has now launched India’s cheapest (31.5-inch ) LED TV called Freedom at Rs 9,900, along with six new mid-range phones. The new gadgets are launched, alike Freedom 251 — the world’s low-cost smartphone is yet to be delivered to people who have ordered it. Ringing Bells says the deliveries will begin from today, which is July 8 with 5,000 units being delivered on the first day.


The first round will be drawn on a lucky draw basis as assured by Ringing Bells’ Director Mohit Goel. Because they want Freedom top reach every state of the country, he said at an event, continuing that the company will release 2 lakh units of the Freedom 251 smartphone at the first stage.

While Freedom 251 seems to be a completely imported device, Goel insists it is a ‘Made in India’ device. At today’s media event, Goel asserted most of the Freedom 251’s components are made in India and claims the company has planned to set up a manufacturing plant.

“We have more than 200 dispensers in the country. The assembling, packing and the process of applying logo (logistics) all is done in India. Our ultimate idea is to start up a production plant in India,” says Ringing Bells president Ashok Chadha.

On being asked how the company intends to recover the production cost of Freedom 251, Chadha said, “The production per phone costs between Rs 1,250 – 1,400 for Freedom 251, and the selling price is Rs 251. Obviously, there’s a price gap. We are trying to do our innovative e-commerce, through in-built apps and through advertisement to fill that gap. And all the subventions from that, we give back to the community.” The highlight is the company will give the 95% of the profits to a charitable trust. Such a great move. The people who are anticipatingly waiting for the delivery their wait will over soon.